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Published on October 24, 2008

Author: garylatman

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Hamlet and the Revenge Motif : Hamlet and the Revenge Motif Application 4: Creating a Multimedia Presentation with PowerPoint Gary Latman Chicago Public Schools, (Illinois), Grades 9-12, English Teacher / Tech Coordinator Slide 2: His death was no accident; it was murder Committed by his own brother Claudius as he slept in his garden The ghost of Hamlet's father reveals The ghost commands Hamlet : The ghost commands Hamlet To avenge his murder But do not harm the queen, Hamlet’s mother What the Ghost Requests : What the Ghost Requests The ghost tells Hamlet to avenge his death. This means that Hamlet will have to kill his uncle. The ghost tells Hamlet not to harm his mother, but let God determine what will become of her. What Hamlet Does : What Hamlet Does Gets angry Swears to get revenge Starts to think about the ghost Is it a good spirit, telling me the truth? Is it an evil spirit, misleading me? He begins to think, hesitate, and feels he needs more proof before he can act. Hamlet’s Plan : Hamlet’s Plan To “put on an antic disposition” This means he’s going to act crazy. Why? What advantage will this offer to Hamlet? Insert a scene in a play called “The Mousetrap” that the court will be seeing. The scene acts out the events of Hamlet’s father’s death. If the King acts nervous or upset, Hamlet will KNOW he is guilty. Plan B Plan A The play’s the thing : The play’s the thing by which I’ll catch the conscience of the king References : References The play-within-the-play scene, portraying the guilt of Claudius. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/ae/Hamlet_play_scene_cropped.png/450px-Hamlet_play_scene_cropped.png Shakespeare, W., “Hamlet”. II, ii, 633

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