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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: GayatriBhudia

Source: slideshare.net

Halloween Trailer Analysis

Iconography The trailer for Halloween is effective in letting us know about the genre because of the use of props such as a knife, mask and several halloween props such as costumes and pumpkins which are relevant to the name of the film and the horror/slasher genre. The killer wears a mask to disguise himself showing how ambiguity is important in the film and the genre. This suggests a sense of foreboding and curiosity developing in the audience who are eager to find out what this killer has planned. The trailer starts with different snapshots of news stories which connote the incidents that had an effect on the killer making him want to get revenge and it also allows us the better understand his motives. There are several shots of the killer carrying a dead body, wearing a mask holding a knife etc. These scenes conform to genre conventions because these shots and props are commonly used in slasher films. The text displayed on the screen ‘Evil has a destiny’ suggests that something bad will happen in the film and makes the audience excited to see the movie.

Sound The sound is important in making the trailer effective. There is good use of non diegetic, incidental music to emphasise the danger and sense of foreboding. Firstly, The sound of heart beats connotes how lives are at stake and how there is a fear inside of people who are scared or hiding from the killer. Towards the end of trailer we hear spooky, mesmerising music which grabs the audiences attention but adds curiosity and builds on the dangerous and mysterious music which is played at the start. This is further enhanced by the sound of stabbing and blades being sharpened to show the plot of death and add a stronger sense of danger. The diegetic sound is also important because when we hear words like ‘STOP!!!’ and ‘HELP!’ we are assured that the genre is horror/slasher. Also the use of voiceover is beneficial in helping us understand the story and understand that ‘He’s come back....’hasn’t said a word in 15 years’ building on stories of the past and how they influence his present actions.

Narrative and Editing The narrative is non linear to represent the various events happening at different points in time and allow us the solve the puzzle of what is going on. The killers motives are explained well through the use of a flashback to his childhood where his family was killed and the killed was held in custody. We then see how he has returned to get revenge, suggesting that his plan is clear and well thought out with good reason. There are alot of flashing and blinking screens to show the capturing of events or how someone is witnessing these events and is scared, therefore the screen blinking captures this motion and adds effect to how the audience should be feeling. We see a Black & White/ Sepia effect at the start to emphasise the event of the news reports and family massacre being a flashback or a memory effecting/influencing future events. The use of quick cuts and fade to black transitions conform to conventions because the audience get an idea of events that happen and how there is alot of suspense in the film and sense of foreboding occurring.

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