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Information about half-wave rectifier

Published on July 23, 2010

Author: Fawaid

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Half-Wave Rectifier : Half-Wave Rectifier Group Members : Group Members M. Fawaid Javed 08-EE-016 Shahid Imran 08-EE-017 Rectifier : Rectifier The rectifier converts the ac input voltage to a pulsating dc voltage There are two types of rectifier. Half-wave rectifier Full-wave rectifier . Half-Wave Rectifier : Half-Wave Rectifier When a diode is connected to a source of alternating voltage, it will be alternately forward-biased, and then reverse-biased, during each cycle of the AC sine-wave. When a single diode is used in a rectifier circuit, current will flow through the circuit only during one-half of the input voltage cycle. For this reason, this rectifier circuit is called a half-wave rectifier. The output of a half-wave rectifier circuit is pulsating DC. Average Value of the Half-Wave Output voltage : Average Value of the Half-Wave Output voltage The average value of the half-wave rectifier output voltage is the value you would measure on dc voltmeter. Mathematically it is determined by finding the area under the curve over a full cycle and then dividing by 2pi the no of radians in a full cycle. Vp is the peak value of voltage. VAVG=VP/pi Effect of Barrier Potential on the Half-wave Rectifier Output : Effect of Barrier Potential on the Half-wave Rectifier Output When the practical diode model is used with the barrier potential of 0.7V taken into account , this is what happens. During the positive half-cycle , the input voltage must overcome the barrier potential before the diode becomes forward-biased Continue……… : Continue……… This results in a half-wave output with a peak value that is 0.7V less than the peak value of the input. Vp(out)=Vp(in)-0.7V Peak Inverse Value : Peak Inverse Value PIV=Vp(in) Half-Wave Rectifier with Transformer-Coupled Input voltage : Half-Wave Rectifier with Transformer-Coupled Input voltage Half-Wave Rectifier with Transformer-Coupled Input voltage : Half-Wave Rectifier with Transformer-Coupled Input voltage Vp(out)=Vp(sec)-0.7V PIV=Vp(sec) Slide 13: thank you…………….

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