Half Adder - Combinational Circuit

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Information about Half Adder - Combinational Circuit

Published on February 4, 2014

Author: docircuits

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Lab Manual at www.docircuits.com - Half adder : Combinational circuit

Access this lab-manual at: http://www.docircuits.com/lab-manual/20/half-adder Half Adder Aim Aim is to build a half adder and verify its truth table Related Experiments HALF ADDER Description The half adder is a combinational circuit which adds two binary numbers and produces a sum and carry bit as output. If A and B are the input bits, then sum bit (S) is the X-OR of A and B and the carry bit (C) will be the AND of A and B. Half adder is the simplest of all adder circuit, but it has a major disadvantage. The half adder can add only two input bits (A and B) and cannot add if there is a carry into the input. The truth table is given below: Procedure: 1. Connect the circuit as shown. 2. Give bit stream of 0011 of time 1ns and repeat all the bits in DigiSource0 and similarly a bit stream of 01 in DigiSource1 with all bits repeating and time 1ns. 3. Run with default settings and view the results on the plotter. Conclusion Verify the half adder truth table from the plotter output. COMBINATIONAL CIRCUIT

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