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Published on January 14, 2008

Author: Margherita

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Hajj in form and spirit Part three الحج صورة وروحا:  Hajj in form and spirit Part three الحج صورة وروحا A course on hajj presented by Shaikh Ahmad Kutty at the IIT 2007-11-18 Part 3 of 4 Check-list of activities for Hajj (Part Two):  Check-list of activities for Hajj (Part Two) In this session we focus on the following: Ihram: Restrictions and permissions Hajj rites in sequence from beginning to end Ihram: Restrictions:  Ihram: Restrictions No wearing of sewn clothes, or shoes (men only) No conjugal relations, or contracting of marriages No clipping, shaving, or cutting No covering of head for males No covering of faces or wearing of gloves for women Ihram: Restrictions(contd.):  Ihram: Restrictions(contd.) Women are allowed normal attire, but should avoid glamorous ones, high heel shoes, etc. No perfumes or scents No harm to the environment or God’s creatures Wearing masks for health reasons permissible What is permissible?:  What is permissible? It is permissible: To change one ihram attire for another; ladies can change clothes; To wear belts, watches, wallets, purses, bags, etc. Take showers; may use normal soap/ shampoo Can use umbrellas, sunglasses or shelter Checklist of Activities for hajj:  Checklist of Activities for hajj We shall insha Allah resume ihram for hajj while returning from Madina Should prepare for the same at the hotel Perform chores: Ghusl, etc. We should formulate the niyya for Hajj It can be done either at Madina or at dhul hulayfa after wearing ihram attire, following prayer Checklist (contd.):  Checklist (contd.) Talbiya should be chanted frequently Visualize you are in a state of consecration for hajj Engage in dhikr, du’a, etc. Arm yourself with patience and du’a Avoid frivolities Be considerate for others Activities: On the 8th of dhul hijja:  Activities: On the 8th of dhul hijja It is known as yawm al-tarwiya ( day of watering/preparing) We should proceed to Mina for overnight stay In Mina, we shall pray zuhr and asr, maghrib, and isha (qasr) Spend time in dhikr and du’a On the 9th of dhul hijja:  On the 9th of dhul hijja It is known as yawm Arafa (day of Arafa) Prophet said, “Hajj is Arafa” We should proceed to Arafa after fajr On arrival, spend the best part of the time in dhikr and du’a Pray zuhr and asr jam’ and qasr We shall make some collective du’as On the 9th of dhul hijja (contd.):  On the 9th of dhul hijja (contd.) After sunset, we shall proceed to Muzdalifa We should pray Maghrib, and Isha at Muzdalifa jam‘, and qasr (isha only) Rest for the night; collect pebbles (7 or 70) Stay until fajr; but allowed to leave before fajr in special circumstances On the 10th day:  On the 10th day It is known as yawm al-hajj al-akbar (great day of hajj; also known as yawm al-nahr (day of sacrifice) We shall pelt at jamrat al-aqaba seven pebbles Those who are weak or sickly can delegate it to others Time for pelting extends from zawal (decline of sun) until the next day fajr On the 10th day (contd.):  On the 10th day (contd.) Sacrifice (done in case of those who purchased coupons) Others have to sacrifice (must for those doing qiran or tamattu’) Shave or cut the hair (men only); Women should cut a few locks of hair On the 10th day (contd.):  On the 10th day (contd.) We are now free to change into normal attire Talbiya stops after pelting This is known as the first tahallul (freeing from Ihram) Restrictions of ihram are lifted except for intimate conjugal relations Next is tawaf al-ifada:  Next is tawaf al-ifada Tawaf al-ifada is the next most important pillar of hajj It is also known as tawaf al-ziyara It is different from tawaf al-qudoom in two aspects: No exposing of shoulder or raml (men) Offer du’as and dhikr as done earlier We may also read from the Qur’an After tawaf al-ifada:  After tawaf al-ifada After completing seven rounds, we should pray two rak’as at the maqam Ibrahim Read qul ya ayyuha al-kafirun in the first rak’a and qul huwa Allaahu ahad in the second We should then drink zamzam water and offer supplications as done before Sa’y after tawaf al-ifada:  Sa’y after tawaf al-ifada Majority of scholars consider sa’y as necessary after tawaful ifada in case of both qiran and tamattu as well as ifrad Ibn Taymiyya, however, does not consider it as necessary for qiran or tamattu’ It is safest to do it; unless one is physically challenged After sa’y:  After sa’y With tawaf and sa’y done, all of the restrictions of ihram are lifted We are now to return to Mina to spend the nights there, and perform pelting On the 11th day:  On the 11th day Pelt the three pillars Pelting starts at the jamrat al-oola, followed by jamrat al-wusta, and finally at jamrat al-aqaba: Seven pebbles at each site If delegating for others, we should first pelt seven for ourselves at each site, then for the other On the 11th day (contd.):  On the 11th day (contd.) After pelting at the first two pillars, one should stay away and make supplications No need to panic Time for pelting is flexible: it extends until fajr next day or until the last day of tashriq (according to Shafi) On the 12th day:  On the 12th day We are to pelt at the three jamras in the same order as the previous day We may, if we wish, skip next day’s pelting But in that case, we should leave Mina before sunset On the 13th day:  On the 13th day This is known as the third day of tashriq We are to pelt the three jamras as we did the previous day Having completed it, we are to leave for Makka Final rite of hajj:  Final rite of hajj The final rite of hajj is tawaf al-wada‘ or the farewell tawaf It should be done just prior to leaving Makka We are to supplicate to Allah to accept our hajj, and to bless us to make frequent visits to the Sacred House

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