Haiti Mission Disaster Management Bringing Back Hope Inhabitants

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Information about Haiti Mission Disaster Management Bringing Back Hope Inhabitants

Published on February 5, 2014

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Haiti Mission Disaster Management Bringing Back Hope Inhabitants

You must have heard people in your neighborhood o school talk about Haiti mission. Well, this is an undertaking by representatives in different states to help raise the country back to its feet after going through a natural disaster that left many dead, millions wounded and property of huge value destroyed. Every plan in place seeks to help the country to get back to its feet and make a forward move.

The disaster that hit this country was one of the most dangerous kinds ever reported in its entire history. It actually led to the loss of many lives and the destruction of valuable property. What makes it even worst is that the fatalities that took place happened within a very small, precisely within 100KM within the region of Portau-Prince, killing about twenty-five percent of the entire population in this region.

International bodies and state representatives such as the United Nations, the Government in the United States, the European Commission had to take part to help the country in such an hour of need. It is obvious that the earth tremor that occurred in this place did not only kill many but also left many people homeless and without hope. When the representatives came to this country, they had a common goal, to address the material and social requirements of its people.

The representatives helped the impacted people through regular supply of food and water. They also provided them with temporary shelters to lay their heads through the times of renovation. In addition, the team took an initiative to address the need of sanitation among the people in this state.

The task of restoring the country back to its feet has not been an easy one though. Even then the United Nation Environmental Program came up with an idea that would see Haiti walk out of poverty. The Haiti Renovation Initiative program came to being. This meant that the vulnerability of poverty and common disasters in this country would start to reduce. The plan was to restore the ecosystem of the country to improve the lives of the people.

It is important to note that after major perils took place, Haiti was left with a lot of waste and debris, which required a lot of management. Proper management of the debris includes collection, sorting, treatment process and effective disposals. This means that the mission team would be an important part in the management of the effects of perils.

Primarily, common debris actually came from residential building, commercial settings and construction sites. Some reports show that the collected debris that was in large amount was the hollow bricks and the concrete structure. There were unbroken bricks that could be reused and therefore people took part in gathering them together for that very purpose.

There is a need to prevent the occurrence of dangers such as this in the future times. This means that the Haiti mission crew, whose task to help in the management of dangers must ask themselves tough yet real life questions and find relevant answers as well. In fact, the people on authority seats should know what to do in order to handle such problems.


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