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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: VladDascalu

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HAILO MEDIA STRATEGY April 2014 Vlad Dascalu A GUIDE TO INCREASING DOWNLOADS, REGISTRATION & USAGE Presented to: National Advertising Awards

PURPOSE 2 The purpose of this document is to provide a media strategy that best achieves the objectives outlined in the brief. TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 1: The Situation Where We Stand Today, Objectives, Problem Identification Section 2: The Discovery Customer, Culture, Competitors, Brand Section 3: The Approach Connection Planning Section 4: The Strategy Perception Evolution, Core Tension, Strategy, Bringing It Together 03 - 05 06 - 12 13 - 14 15 - 20


WHERE WE STAND 4 Current Marketing Strategy Promoted to residents through brand advocates seeding the program over digital, social media, promotional and traditional channels of PR. • Elevate brand awareness and momentum • Encourage web hits / downloads / usage • Differentiate from Uber Customers / Press - Hailo Feels: • Cooler • Smarter • Better tuned into customers • More convenient than I thought • Wouldn’t want to go without it Business Objectives Criteria of Success Sentiment & Perception Ultimate Objective Get more people to download, register & use the app 1. THE SITUATION

PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION When users don’t recognize their taxi need - they don’t think to download Hailo and when users do become aware of their taxi need, it’s become immediate and they no longer have the patience to download & register for Hailo. 5 MOBILE APPLICATION PATH 1. THE SITUATION In cases like this we found that while traditional media executions can facilitate AWARENESS, they fall short on DOWNLOAD and REGISTRATION - Particularly when promotional offers are not applied. Furthermore, with only a $250K media budget and target audience that spends their time across so many different forms of media how are we supposed to, not only reach them, but connect with them in such a way that they complete the Mobile App Acquisition Path? AWARENESS SEARCH DOWNLOAD OPEN APP REGISTRATION USAGE


THE DISCOVERY Distilling the business and the environment surrounding it by searching for pertinent information which we then use to gain insights. 7 An overview of the competition - Physical Hail, Calling Dispatcher and Uber - outlining the advantages and disadvantages THE COMPETITION THE CULTURE THE CUSTOMER Identify cultural trends that are relevant to our customers, the business and the situation at hand We us the Empathy Map as a tool for a deeper understanding of our customers, their environment, behaviour, concerns, needs, expressions, etc. SOURCE: XXX THE BRAND We try to understand what is special about Hailo and how it differentiates from the our competition 2. THE DISCOVERY

THE COMPETITORS Our biggest competitor is Uber, but we’re also competing against the taxicab Dispatchers and the Physical Hail. 8 COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Physical Hail UberCalling Dispatcher Advantage: • Immediate Disadvantage: • Must be within close proximity to populated street • Demand must be low supply must be high - Unreliable Note: Instinctual / Habitual/ Impulsive Advantage: • High cache Disadvantage: • Low supply in times of need Note: • Surge prices are only applicable to Black Cars and SUVs Advantage: • Dealing with a human Disadvantage: • Dealing with a human (repeat on purpose) • Must know where you are • Uninformed & Unreliable Note: • Instinctual / Habitual / Impulsive 2. THE DISCOVERY

CULTURAL TRENDS 9 There really is no longer such a thing as “undivided attention”. Our attention is divided in a plethora of “equally” important subjects. This means we have a much small window of time to reach potential customers. SEGMENTED ENGAGEMENT People are beginning to value immersive experiences over material objects. Those experiences are also inherently shareable, offering an element of social capital - this also lends to rich user experiences. IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Gen Y and Gen X are still consuming. The Recession proved to be more of a reset button, allowing them to focus on what’s important to them. CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION Gen Y and Gen X want things now and want to do little work for them. The convenience of technology has led to expectations of immediacy. AGE OF IMPATIENCE They are interested and seek the most ingenious effective solution to a problem. Its not about short-cuts its about smart-cuts. EVERYTHING HACKING 2. THE DISCOVERY

THE CUSTOMER | EMPATHY MAP 10 WHAT DO THEY HEAR? WHAT DO THEY THINK AND FEEL? WHAT DO THEY SEE? WHAT DO THEY SAY AND DO? PAIN GAIN 1. Grabbing a taxi is not a major concern for most Torontonians - investment is very low • Their mobile device is their personal “Batman Utility Belt” Gen Y and Gen X are considered to be quite worldly individuals constant need to be connected to the world around them. Everything is at their fingertips • Strapped for time - not enough hours in the day • Do not have the motivation or energy to spend looking for solutions to problems they don’t know they have SOURCE: BUSINESS MODEL GENERATION 2. City dwellers act upon their transportation solution at the moment of need 3. Therefore, in their time of need they go with what they know: “I trust my friends more than ‘corporate mouthpieces’.” The definition of “expert”—a person with the credibility to recommend brands, products, and services—has shied from someone with professional or academic credentials to potentially anyone with firsthand experience, ideally a peer or close friend • Hail a cab on the street • Call a dispatcher Live in the Moment and Last-Minute Decisions We discovered two attitudes that appear to be life-stage specific: a tendency to live in the moment and to make decisions at the last minute 2. THE DISCOVERY

CUSTOMER PROFILE COMPARISON UBER is for the “Style Conscious Metro Traveler Who Wants To Feel Like A Boss” --- HAILO is for the “Smart City Dweller Who Needs A Quick & Reliable Ride”. 11 For the Style Conscious Metro Traveler Wants to feel like a Boss Succeeder • Strong goal orientation, confidence, work ethic, organization... supports status quo, stability • Brand choice based on reward, prestige - the very best • Also attracted to ‘caring’ and protective brands... stress relief • Management Aspirer • Materialistic, acquisitive, affiliative, oriented to extrinsics... image, appearance, charisma, persona, fashion • Attractive packaging more important than quality of contents • Younger, clerical / sales type occupation For the Smart City Dweller Needs a Quick & Reliable Ride Reformer • Freedom from restriction, personal growth, social awareness, value for time, independent judgement, tolerance of complexity • Anti-materialistic but intolerant of bad taste • Curious and enquiring, support growth of new product categories • Select brands for intrinsic quality, favouring natural simplicity, small is beautiful • Higher education & 2. THE DISCOVERY

BRAND Hailo is the SMARTER Taxicab Experience because of the added value customers receive when using the service that competition cannot provide. 122. THE DISCOVERY • Credible (Licensed Taxi Company With the City) • Strict Reservation (ex. crowded event) • Frictionless - Rich experience for users • Feel In Control • Safety • Fast • Economical • No Dispatcher • No Need for Cash • No Need to Know Present Location • Returns Lost Items • Accountability • Goes the Extra Hailo Mile • Operate All Over Toronto - Not Just the Core • Improves City Life - Your Life VALUE PROVIDED - REASONS TO BELIEVE BRAND IDEA HAILO IS THE SMARTER TAXICAB EXPERIENCE


THE APPROACH In order to overcome the barriers stated in the “Problem Identification”, we realized that we had to connect with the customer at the intersection of the brand idea, their mindset and the right media moment. 14 CONNECTION PLANNING FRAMEWORK 3. THE APPROACH The framework involves thinking about the situation in three non-mutually exclusive ways: Mindset Right Time When is the customer in the mindset that makes the idea most relevant? When is the right time to reach the customer so that they can act on the idea? Environment When is the customer in the environment that will bring the idea to life?


DESIRED BRAND PERCEPTION There is a disconnect between the desired, current and the optimal brand perception. In order to become the authority within the Toronto Taxi space, we must demonstrate Hailo as the SMARTER Taxicab Experience. 16 BRAND PERCEPTION EVOLUTION 4. THE STRATEGY CURRENT The Alternative Taxicab Mobile App to Uber IMPROVED The Better Taxicab Experience DESIRED The Smarter Taxicab Experience

CORE TENSION When users don’t recognize their taxi need - they don’t think to download Hailo and when users do become aware of their taxi need, it’s become immediate and they no longer have the patience to download & register for Hailo. 174. THE STRATEGY HIGH LIKELY HOOD TO INVEST EFFORT LOW LIKELIHOOD TO INVEST EFFORTS LOW AWARENESS OF TAXI NEED HIGH AWARENESS OF TAXI NEED FROM FROM TO

STRATEGY OVERVIEW 184. THE STRATEGY Our strategy, rooted in connections planning is to brand the sweet spot in a user’s exit journey when they are most likely to invest in the effort to arrange for personal transportation as the “Hailo Moment of Truth” illustrating “Hailo as the Smarter Taxicab Experience” “Hailo Moment of Truth” is the most likely moment a consumer is likely to download the app

STRATEGY BREAKDOWN 194. THE STRATEGY WHERE1 THE ENVIRONMENT = SETTING & OCCASION 2 WHEN Immediate NeedHailo Moment of Truth System 1 Thinking Fast/Instinctive/Emotional They go with what they know: • Call dispatcher • Hail cab System 2 Thinking Slower/Deliberate/Logical We must intercept their attention at this stage of timeframe with a smart delivery of value - brand idea. TOO LATERIGHT TIMETOO EARLY System 1 Thinking Fast/Instinctive/Emotional They are in their present moment/ activity and thinking about transportation is far from their mind. No Need The environment is the physical setting the customer finds himself or herself in that lends to the occasion that drives the desire or need for a taxi service MINDSET & RIGHT TIME Time & Mindset represent the exact moment when the consumer is in the right place and the right situation for them to act on or respond to the brand’s message 3 WHY BRAND IDEA - KEY MESSAGE “Hailo is The Smarter Taxicab Experience for Those Who Need a Quick & Reliable Ride” 4 HOW MEDIA TOUCHPOINT Contextual based ambient objects presented at the “Hailo Moment of Truth” illustrating Hailo as The Smarter Taxicab Experience

BRINGING IT TOGETHER 204. THE STRATEGY The GOAL The ROLE The STAND The TALK The WALK What do we want to achieve? What is our place in the world? What is our positioning? What do we say? What do we do? App Downloads, Registrations & Usage To provide a Quick & Reliable Ride The Smarter Taxicab Experience Polymorphic: depends on the scenario Contextually Relevant & Ambient Media at the “Hailo Moment of Truth”

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