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Information about Hadoop.NET

Published on July 12, 2016

Author: HakeemMohammed4

Source: slideshare.net

1. Hakeem S Mohammad @hakeemsm @hakeemsm

2. What is Hadoop? • A data processing framework 10 years in the making • Can mean different things depending on the context • Written entirely in Java • Started as a framework for writing applications using the MapReduce pattern @hakeemsm

3. Design • Code is pushed to data • Core pieces are HDFS, a distributed file system & YARN the cluster resource management system • Data needs to be loaded into HDFS first before performing any processing • Results can be written back to HDFS or a different destination • Client applications can be written any language with the Streaming feature @hakeemsm

4. HDFS • Filesystem designed for storing very large files • Write-once, read-many (WORM) times pattern • Works by replicating data to different nodes in a cluster • Data is striped & mirrored as blocks • Comprised of a namenode (master) & lots of datanodes (workers) • Provides CLI, RESTful & Java SDK for IO • Not a good fit for low latency data access, too many small files or multiple writers @hakeemsm

5. HDFS Write HDFS Client Distributed file system FSDataOutputStream NameNode DataNode DataNode DataNode 1: Create 2: Create 6: Close 3: Write Client 7: Complete 4 5 4 5 4: Write packet 5: Ack packet @hakeemsm

6. HDFS Read HDFS Client Distributed file system FSDataInputStream NameNode DataNode DataNode DataNode 1: Open 2: Get block locations 6: Close 4: Read 5: Read 3: Read Client @hakeemsm

7. YARN • Resource manager to manage the use of resources across a cluster • Node managers running on all nodes in a cluster • Containers running in NMs are where the code gets shipped to • Resource Manager & Namenode can be co-located • Node managers run on DataNodes @hakeemsm

8. YARN Application Client Client Node Resource Manager RM Node NodeManager Application Process Node manager node Container 1: Submit YARN application 2a: Start container 2b: Launch 3: Allocate resources NodeManager Application Process Node manager node 4a: Start Container 4b: Launch @hakeemsm

9. Hadoop Demo • HDFS & YARN @hakeemsm

10. Hadoop.NET • C# is cool & powerful • With .NET Core, xplat is a real possibility • Enterprises that are primarily .NET shops can adopt it immediately @hakeemsm

11. Roadmap • Core – IO, HDFS, YARN • Custom datatypes • Implement an orchestrator (ZooKeeper) • Extensions for Azure, AWS, OpenStack et al @hakeemsm

12. NEED YOUR HELP! @hakeemsm

13. Metadata { “name” : “Hakeem S Mohammad”, “twitter”: “@hakeemsm”, “location”: “Atlanta”, “interests”: “Cloud, []data”, “blog”: “http://code-cafe.blogspot.com/”, “github”: “https://github.com/hakeemsm”, “email”: “hakeemosrc@gmail.com” } @hakeemsm

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