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Information about HACS

Published on April 8, 2008

Author: Prudenza

Source: authorstream.com

Home Appliance Control System:  Home Appliance Control System What does HACS look like? Grading criteria Whatever home you have:  Whatever home you have Whatever home appliances you have:  Whatever home appliances you have Wherever you are, whenever it is:  Wherever you are, whenever it is Whatever you are doing:  Whatever you are doing Whatever devices you use:  Whatever devices you use Why HACS?:  Why HACS? Bring Enjoyment and Quality to Life (BenQ) See, hear, touch the world better High quality of life, enjoy career, work and play, Digital Age lifestyle Scenario 1 (cont.):  When: Half an hour before you leave your office What: You start the microwave oven with a fast cooking mode. Scenario 1 (cont.) When: In this morning What: You left a turkey plate inside Fast cooking mode Scenario 1:  Scenario 1 When: you are in a traffic jam on the highway What: You set microwave oven in a slow cooking mode Slow cooking mode Scenario 2:  Scenario 2 You set it initially to “yellow” You set it to “orange” You old grandma visits Break-entry notification The system locks all the doors inside the house, so that the suspected burglar cannot get to grandma and harm her The system locates the suspected burglar and show the face It turns out that it’s your own kitty cat You unlock all the doors Home Security level:  Home Security level Low = Green; Guarded = Blue; Elevated = Yellow; High = Orange; Severe = Red. http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/03/20020312-5.html Grading Criteria – Phase I:  Grading Criteria – Phase I Emphasis on analysis 4 Diagrams: Use case, class, sequence, collaboration At least 3 appliances Format: table of contents, detailed description of use cases, description for each diagram Turn in on time

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