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Published on June 27, 2016

Author: RahulTyagi15

Source: slideshare.net

1. Hacking Windows 7 using Power Shell Lucideus Homework: L/9/A-2 Student: Nishant Rajput Introduction: In this article we will talk about how to hack windows xp with Kali linux and metasploit framework. We will exploit windows platform by generating payload IP of the system : Target OS: Windows 7 Attacker OS : Kali Linux a) Open the Terminal and write setoolkit, to open the Social Engineering Toolkit prompt

2. b) Inside SET, many options will be displayed for attack c) Choose Open 1 for Social Engineering Attack and Enter

3. d) Now Choose option 9 for Power Shell Attack Vectors e) Under Power Shell Attack Vector, choose Option 1

4. f) Enter the IP of the Kali Linux system and port number , for payload listener g) Write Yes to start the listener

5. h) Go to the path shown above in the screenshot for getting the payload file to be sent to the target. Copy the txt file to desktop of Kali Linux system i) Powershell injection file shown as below :

6. j) Copy the content of the powershell injection txt file and save it as Hack_Win7 k) Transfer the file to Win7

7. l) Open the CMD prompt and copy the content of Hack_Win7 to it m) Check Kali Linux system for meterpreter session, acquired from the target system.

8. n) Meterpreter Session begins

9. IP info of the Target System

10. System Info of the Target System o) Start the Keyscan

11. p) Go to Win7 and write some text on a notepad file

12. q) Check the Kali Linux system for the keyscan using keyscan_dump option This way a target system is compromised and the sessions can manipulate the system settings done on the Windows 7.

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