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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: MaryEllenBates

Source: slideshare.net


Mary Ellen looks at how to get the most value from searching social media, both for research and professional development.

1. Hacking the Social Web Mary Ellen Bates BatesInfo.com Oct. 26, 2014

2. Tweeting this? @mebs #internetlibrarian @mebs 2

3. Social networks are…. A waste of time An invasion of privacy Not allowed by my employer Self-promotion machines For my friends, not the public Just not my thing @mebs 3

4. Don’t worry... just be smart! @mebs 5

5. Facebook @mebs 6

6. LinkedIn @mebs 7

7. Twitter @mebs 8

8. Google Plus Create “circles” of friends, family, acquaintances, people you follow Post to specific circles plus.google.com/settings Scroll down to “Profile” @mebs 9

9. @mebs 10

10. Social search strategies @mebs 11

11. Social search strategies Set privacy settings to “STUN” Try several approaches Forget comprehensive searching @mebs 12

12. Social search strategies Search groups as well as individuals Use Advanced Search (LinkedIn, Twitter) Make a case for premium accounts @mebs 13

13. What are you researching? People Opinions Leads to other info Professional development @mebs 14

14. Searching for individuals What do you want? Background? Reputation? Relationships? LinkedIn Best chance of professional background Recommendation inflation View a person’s connections @mebs 15

15. Searching for individuals Twitter Good for reputation (retweets) Twitter and Facebook Good way to find (public) relationships @mebs 16

16. Searching for individuals Use nicknames Use “phrase * search” in Google + ex: “Lisa * Green” Know the syntax: Facebook: “People named xxx who live in xxx” @mebs 17

17. Look for anomalies Does the name match the account URL? @mebs 18

18. Getting opinions LinkedIn Use Advanced Search for prior employees Twitter and Google Plus #hashtags @mebs 20

19. Finding the next source Look for groups of experts on LinkedIn & Facebook Facebook search: Librarians who like Evernote Thai speakers who live in Denver @mebs 21

20. Finding the next source Look for tweets with links Topsy, IceRocket have “Links” filters Twitter search: keywords filter:links @mebs 22

21. Professional development LinkedIn Remember privacy settings! Twitter Use dashboard – HootSuite, TweetDeck Monitor conference via live-tweeting Be selective in who you follow @mebs 23

22. Hacks for each network @mebs 24

23. LinkedIn’s Advanced People search @mebs 25

24. ID info pros to consult @mebs 26

25. Find LinkedIn “hidden” updates @mebs 27

26. Twitter search hacks Look for engagement min_retweets:n min_faves:n Millennials (brands OR marketing) min_retweets:5 @mebs 29

27. Find Tweets w/ links to a URL Find any tweets that link to a site Track mentions of a press release Twitter syntax: the.URL Example: ello.co facebook @mebs 30

28. Facebook hacks Restaurants in Minneapolis liked by people who work at Cargill Xxx’s liberal (conservative, Democratic, etc.) friends @mebs 31

29. Google+ Communities Check out its Communities:  Libraries and Librarians  Google Search  Advanced Power Searching with Google plus.google.com/communities @mebs 32

30. Ello.co The anti-Facebook? We don’t data-mine you We don’t have ads We’ll charge a “very small amount of money” for special features Mostly visual content now

31. Geo-located information echosec.net lets you find images taken at a location Want to look inside the Naval Postgrad School? @mebs 34

32. Inside the Naval Postgrad School @mebs 35

33. From my neighbor’s house Posted by her daughter from NY @mebs 36

34. Reluctant-entrepreneur. com 37

35. You can reach me at mbates@BatesInfo.com +1 303 772 7095 BatesInfo.com, Reluctant-Entrepreneur.com Twitter: @mebs LinkedIn: maryellenbates Facebook: maryellenbates Google +: +maryellenbates BatesInfo.com 38

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