Hack IBM Connections - Advance Use - Iframes & more...

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Information about Hack IBM Connections - Advance Use - Iframes & more...

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: UlisesGascnGonzlez

Source: slideshare.net


The target is to show how to embed external content in IBM Connections and how to skip all the limitations with Iframes and more...

@kom_256 Advance IBM Connections 1 Iframes!

@kom_256 2 About Me I have worked in the world of web and computing for many years. I am currently working for IBM as Executive Social Business Coach. 2 More info… Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES!

@kom_256 3 Agenda • In scope… ? • The magic world of Iframes - External content - Flash • How can I hack Connections ? - Advance Iframes (anatomy, scenarios…) - Good and bad Practices • Adavance Tricks for Community Managers 3 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES!

@kom_256 In scope… 4

@kom_256 In Scope • How to embed external content (youtube, ted, slideshare…) • How to embed videos from MediaLibrary (.flv .mp4…) • How to make iframes using custom HTML files in IBM Connections • How to skip the limitations from IBM Connections Not in Scope • How to make webpages • How IBM connections is made • Coding in JS, CSS, HTML 5 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES!

@kom_256 The magic world 6

@kom_256 7 External world 7 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES!

@kom_256 8 Flash 8 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! Demo Time!

@kom_256 How can I hack IBM Connections? 9 Hacking work in progress…

@kom_256 10 Advance Iframes Anatomy <iframe src=“mywebadress.html" width=400 height=550 frameborder="0" scrolling=yes> This is the alternative text!! </iframe> 10 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES!

@kom_256 11 Iframes limitations • Compatibility with mobiles (VPN restrictions) • Delay Effect (PING + Items) • Hosting restrictions (execute access) • Content not available for Indexing robots • You must use PXs and not % • Security Restrictions: HTTP vs. HTTPS (IExplorer) • Dependencies (GSA, YouTube, another servers) 11 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES!

@kom_256 12 Good Practice #1 12 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! No monkeys. No Lizards

@kom_256 13 Good Practice #2 13 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! Be adaptative not responsive

@kom_256 14 Good Practice #3 14 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! Focus on dimensions

@kom_256 15 Good Practice #4 15 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! Create a plan and follow it

@kom_256 16 Good Practice #5 16 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! 404 and the plan B

@kom_256 17 Good Practice #6 17 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! _blank… because we are multitasking

@kom_256 Advance tricks for Community Managers 18

@kom_256 19 Trick #1 19 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES!

@kom_256 20 Trick #2 20 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! The Hibrid method is the best option for non-tech profiles

@kom_256 21 Trick #3 21 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! Embed the social interaction; the king!

@kom_256 22 Trick #4 22 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! Hosting is the key!

@kom_256 23 Trick #5 23 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES! .mp4 .ogv.flv

@kom_256 24 Demo Time! 24 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES!

@kom_256 25 Questions 25 Advance IBM Connections - IFRAMES!

@kom_256 26 Thanks!! For your time 26

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