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Information about H1N1 & IT Continuity

Published on October 8, 2009

Author: cduffy

Source: slideshare.net


H1N1 in business continuity will rely on technology.
Communications continuity will ONLY WORK if based on technologies that are currently in use.
Technologies instituted during a pandemic will produce catastrophic failures.
This presentation take a CIO view of technologies and staff related issues.

BeyondmorTar Technology & Business Survival H1N1 & Beyond Christopher Duffy, CISSP

“Enhance Communications & Information Technology Infrastructures as needed to support employee telecommuting and remote customer access” checklist item #23 www.pandemicflu.gov

Goals Minimize Disruptions Ensure Services Appear Invisible Plan for the Worst “Address workforce absenteeism rates of 40% or higher” -Roberta Witty, Gartner Group 4/26/09

Focus External Communications Internal Communications Phone Email Chat? Meetings Projects

Impact IT Staffing Data Centers Staff Customer Facing Teleworking Physical Labor

Assessments Staff Expertise Core Technologies & Services Inventory Hardware Peopleware Bandwidth

Do it NOW! Communications continuity will ONLY WORK if based on technologies that are currently in use. Technologies instituted during a pandemic will produce catastrophic failures.

Technical Definitions Enterprise- A network comprised of smaller networks/satellites which interface with each other as well as a central database and many workstations. VPN-Virtual Private Network. Creates a secure connection or tunnel between two networks using ( Home and the Office) the Internet. PSTN-Public Switched Telephone Network. Worldwide telephone network. POTS- Plain Old Telephone Service. Voice grade service for home and small business. Also referred to as Analog





Technical Definitions PBXPrivate Branch eXchange. Telephone network used within an enterprise. Telephone system is within the organization rather than depend on the phone company. Common in larger businesses. SOHOSmall Office Home Office. A small home office or virtual office environment, connected to larger organization with same services and technologies.



Enterprise Network Corporate Internet SOHO

VPN Types Hardware Both Ends Software Client Web Based

Corporate Network How VPN Works Wired or Wireless LAN Access Point Hacker/Virus Denied Access VPN Remote Router VPN Head-end Router Phone Internet Encrypted VPN Tunnel Teleworkers have the same services at home as at their office desktop

VPN Big Picture

CIO Focus Prioritize critical applications & functions What is essential What can be taken off IT’s plate Identify staffing for critical applications / functions Build depth through cross training Work with HR to create alternative work schedules and a web-worker program Continuity planning for your computer systems and workforce Maintain a healthy work environment Hand Sanitizers & Tissues Staff workstations By Elevators Common Areas

Risks Extended Network Outside of Physical Control Theft Software Home Networks Data Remote Access Staff

Remote Control Laptops Master Images Endpoint Control Physical Control Software On a Stick Secure Web download site VPN Virus Remote Support Tools

IT Prep 101 Internal Relationships Human Resources Facilities Help Desk Calling Trees Include IM Web Email Data Centers Direct & Remote Access Stress Test Web Apps VPN Teleworking Citrix /Remote Virtual Applications Web Conferencing

IT Prep 201 Broadband @ Home X Train Critical Vendors What is their plan How can they help Degradation Plan Staffing Levels & Hours What Point is critical Mass PEOPLE FIRST!

Good Stuff Resources http://www.pandemicflu.gov/professional/business/index.html#critical Web Communications Cisco Webexwww.webex.com Adobe Connect www.adobe.com/products/acrobatconnectpro Citrix Gottomeetingswww.gotomeetings.com Conferencecallwww.conferencecall.com Dimdimwww.dimdim.com Shared Spaces Google docs docs.google.com Projectspaces.com www.projectspaces.com

More Good Stuff Voice Skype www.skype.com Endpoint Control Control Guard www.controlguard.com Theft Control Computracewww.absolute.com

Conclusion Start Now Stress Test Coordinate with HR Leverage Master DR Plan Staff Relationships

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