H1b Transfer Process Explained

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Information about H1b Transfer Process Explained

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: atc_webmaster

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H1B Transfer process with American Technology Consulting, LLC

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Our immigration team specializes in H1B transfers and candidates looking for Green card Sponsorship

We sponsor H1Bs for eligible OPT and CPT candidates

Work Visa and Green card sponsorship with outstanding Category filling and Continuous Lawyer assistance.

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H1B Transfer Process with ATC

What is an H1B Transfer ? This is a process of converting ones H1-B work visa from one employer to American Technology Consulting's (ATC) H1-B and involves various steps . This can be done only if the candidate have an existing H1B petition with a current or past employer and not subject to cap case.

Who are Eligible for a Visa transfer? Candidate who have a prior approved H1B are eligible for a transfer irrespective of their current visa status(L1,H4,B1&H1B). The H1B should have been approved by the candidates previous employer within the last 6 years to initiate a transfer with ATC.

How does the Visa transfer process work ? There are various steps involved in this process that ATC will assist you with. Read on for more information

Sample Process of the H1B Transfer Filing of LCA • Takes 7 business days H1B Transfer Application USCIS • Submitting documentation to the USCIS Receiving Receipt Number • USCIS will issue a receipt number

Step 1 : Finding a new project The most important step of H1-B transfer process to ATC is to find a project . Based on the educational qualification and experience of the candidate ATC will find a project for the candidate before initiating the H1B transfer. Once you are selected, you can then work with the employer you would wish to proceed with ATC specializes in its effective marketing strategy that will help you find a project, you can contact someone from ATC for assistance. Timeline to find a project – 2 to 3 weeks

Conversion of your correct project You can also transfer your existing project to ATC to initiate H1B transfer, if required. This will simplify the process, going straight to the LCA filing and documentation for H1B stage, saving 2 to 3 weeks.

Step 2 : Filing an LCA Once a project is secured an LCA also know as the labor condition application is filed using the client address where the candidate will be performing their job. This needs to be filed with the Department of Labor ( DOL)

Step 3 : Documentation for H1B At this point you will need to supply the following documents: • One or two latest pay stubs • Copy of your existing H1 approval • Copies of your Passport • Copies of I-94 records • Copy of SSN • Latest resume • Copy of existing valid visa • Copy of all your Diplomas/Degrees

Document examples

Step 4 : Submission of documents to USCIS Upon approval of the LCA the H1B application will file by the law firm on behalf of the employer. This process could take up to 10 days from the date the H1B employee has filled out the H1B application form until the H1B is filed.

Step 5 : Acknowledgement receipt The H1B employer /law Firm will receive a acknowledgment or receipt for the H1B filing. This allows the H1B employee to legally work for the employer upon receipt of the H1B receipt. Using this receipt number you can track the status on the USCIS website.

Processing Types Depending on the priority of the process (regular or premium) the H1B visa would be approved anywhere between 15 business days for premium process and 60 to 90 days for regular processing. ATC’s lawyers will be in contact if any help is needed during this time

Check the USCIS website for Status

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss Email: info@american-technology.net Website: www.american-technology.net Phone: 515-309-1588 / 515 309 1720 Fax: 515-309-9715 OUR OFFICE American Technology Consulting, LLC 12951 University Avenue, Suite 200 Clive, Iowa 50325

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