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Published on March 25, 2019

Author: certsyou1

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slide 1: Want to Know How To Pass Huawei H12-322 exam slide 2: You Need To Know Something About Huawei H12-322 Exam ❖ Job Opportunities ❖ How To Prepare The H12-322 Exam ❖ How To Pass H12-322 Exam ❖ Sample Questions https://www.certs4you.com/huawei/H12-322-dumps.html slide 3: Will Help You To Prepare The Exam Visit Us https://www.certs4you.com/Huawei/H12-322-dumps.html slide 4: How to Pass H12-322 Exam Dumps Click Here https://www.certs4you.com/Huawei/H12-322-dumps.html slide 5: Here Are Huawei H12-322 Exam Questions slide 6: Question :1 What is the need to go to the scene during the WLAN planning process A. Outline design B. Product selection C. Demand collection D. Pre-sales survey Answer: D https://www.certs4you.com/Huawei/H12-322-dumps.html slide 7: Question :2 When the command "rate-limit client down 4096" is configured on the AC what is the possible rate when the user downloads the Internet A. 2Mbps B. 4Mbps C. 6Mbps D. 8Mbps Answer: A B https://www.certs4you.com/Huawei/H12-322-dumps.html slide 8: Question :3 What is the correct description of the tools before the actual site survey of the WLAN A. Tape measure is mainly used for indoor scene obstacle test and trace distance measurement. B. The range finder is mainly used to measure the outdoor mixing height in outdoor scenes or the distance between obstacles the length of the venue etc. C. Hotspot mobile phones can be used as both a signal source and a signal scan D. Focus on the installation location of the camera the overall coverage area the building structure and new obstacles in the outdoor coverage scene. Answer: A B C https://www.certs4you.com/Huawei/H12-322-dumps.html slide 9: Question :4 When WLAN outdoor coverage planning is to ensure no interference the uplink and downlink field strength is not less than -75dBm to ensure the service experience of the edge coverage. A. True B. False Answer: A https://www.certs4you.com/Huawei/H12-322-dumps.html slide 10: Question :5 In the WLAN Tester 2.0 heat map the tip box displays the following information. According to the information in the figure the following statement is correct https://www.certs4you.com/Huawei/H12-322-dumps.html A. AP2010DN indoor panel AP B. AP6010DN indoor placement AP C. AP6310DN indoor distributed AP D. AP6510DN outdoor AP Answer: A slide 11: 15 Off By Use This Coupon Code “issue15” Visit Us https://www.certs4you.com/Huawei/H12-322-dumps.html slide 12: Thank You For More Information Visit Us https://www.certs4you.com/Huawei/H12-322-dumps.html

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