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Published on March 21, 2009

Author: AEzzell

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Global Virtual Classroom Volunteer Project

1548 Caribbean Dr. • Sarasota, FL 34231 USA• (941) 924-0025 • www.VirtualClassroom.org Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) Volunteer/Intern Project The purpose of this GVC Volunteer project is to research and identify schools, teachers, parents and students to participate in the Global Virtual Classroom program during the next (2009/2010) school year. There are two programs that we currently offer: the GVC Contest and the GVC Clubhouse. How This project can be completed through researching and obtaining the names of teachers; schools; school boards; associations; clubs; youth organizations; local, city, state, provincial, federal, and/or national government organizations; departments of education; and various NGO’s in your area or any other region of the world. Once you obtain these names and contact information, we need you to contact the people form these organizations and invite them to participate in our GVC program. You can focus either on a location you are familiar with (like your home city) or on a completely new area of the world that you would like to learn about. This research can be done through your own personal network, through online research or through meetings with people and/or obtaining referrals to others. Once you identify potential organizations or individuals, you can send copies of the GVC program information to them or meet with them personally to present information on the program. (By the way, contacting and meeting with people may also give you an opportunity to develop new networks, and where appropriate develop future employment contacts). Our objective is for you to help us recruit people to sign up for and participate in the GVC program for the next school year. They can do this by going to our website to sign up for the program through our online registration process. They can also sign up to be placed on our GVC email list. Volunteers Once you decide that you want to be one of our GVC Volunteers or Interns, please register with us by sending us an email with the following information: (your complete name; city & country of residence; email address; phone contact information; your age; and the location in the world that you would like to target your work). Once you are registered, we will contact you by email and your name will go on our website as a GVC Volunteer. We will send you information on the GVC project and resource materials and give you access to our GVC Volunteer Blog. The Blog will be used to communicate with you and for you to network with us and other GVC volunteers. We also ask that you keep us informed about the progress of your work, tell us about your successes, and tell us how we might be able to assist you with ideas and/or provide additional information. Sponsored by the Give Something Back International Foundation • http://www.gsbi.org

I want to thank you in advance for volunteering to assist the Global Virtual Classroom program and to let you know that this program would not be possible without people like you assisting us. Regards, Andrew Ezzell President, GSBI Foundation www.gsbi.org www.VirtualClassroom.org

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