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Information about Guts to Recover[PDF] Download Guts to Recover Ebook | READ ONLINE

Published on November 28, 2017

Author: ergfgbgn


1. Guts to Recover to download this book the link is on the last page

2. Description On a mission to make recovery a universal language, Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, pAUL aLVES, shares his personal experience with substance use disorder, food addiction and mental health affliction. Guts to Recover provides guidance for your own self-directed solution to challenges with Alcohol and Other Drugs, exploring topics such as Excessive Behaviors, Mental and Physical Health, Legal Issues, Relationships and more. Your purchase also includes FREE access to the Guts to Recover Workbook, a companion guide created to help initiate your transcendence. Reading and working through the various topics presented in Guts to Recover can help you take that important first step on the road to recovery, so that you can start making the best choices possible to live the happier & healthier life YOU desire.

3. Book Details Author : pAUL aLVES Pages : 37 Binding : Paperback Brand : ISBN : 1973289903

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