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Published on November 26, 2007

Author: Techy_Guy


DEVDAS :  DEVDAS By Purav Gunderia C S E 101 Power Point Lab Making the Magnificent Tragedy:  Making the Magnificent Tragedy The man behind the tragic masterpiece was director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Bhansali is one of India’s most brilliant film makers due to his meticulous ability to capture extreme emotions with intensity and passion. The film “Devdas” was the story of two star crossed lovers, and the director wanted to make the film larger than life. “Devdas” was third film. He had made two other love story films “Khamoshi” in 1996 and “Hum dil de chuke sanam” in 1999. The Powerful and Tragic Hero:  The Powerful and Tragic Hero India is one of the largest powerful filmmaking countries in the world, releasing hundreds of films per year. But it is only rarely something this magnificent would come along and change the industry. The director announced the making of the film in 2000. He wanted only the best cast possible. For the lead male “Devdas” he gave the role to Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan is the king of Bollywood, due to his brilliant ability to transform himself into any role that he acts. Shah Rukh has delivered the most blockbusters any actor has given in the industry. He has won seven Indian Oscars for the best lead male. The Love of his Life :  The Love of his Life There were two main women in the life of Devdas, the woman he loved and courtesan. The love of Devdas’ life was played by Indian’s most beautiful actress Aishwarya Rai. Her name in the film was Paro. Aishwarya started her career in 1994 winning the Miss World Crown and then started acting. She was at first labeled a doll, but then Sanjay gave her the role in his second film “Hum dil de chuke sanam” and she won her first Indian oscar for best actress. In the film, Paro was a woman who loved Devdas more than life itself, but when she is hurt by him, her pride comes in her way and she marries another. Her whole life though, Paro loved Devdas. The Beautiful and Pure Courtesan:  The Beautiful and Pure Courtesan The second woman in Devdas’s life was a courtesan who took care of Devdas when he became a drunk. She loved Devdas because she never saw a man who loved a woman so much in her life. The courtesan’s name was Chandramukhi and she was played by Bollywood’s Queen Madhuri Dixit. Madhuri is the most breathtaking actress in India,with her million dollar smile, dancing abilities and powerful acting, she ruled Indian cinema ever since 1980. Behind The Scenes :  Behind The Scenes The story line of Devdas was simple. Devdas and Paro were madly in love, but when his family disapproves he betrays her. She is heartbroken and marries another. Devdas becomes a drunk and lives a unorthodox lifestyle, living in the brothel of Chandramukhi, craving for Paro. In the end he dies, and Paro and Chandramukhi live their lives saddened by his death. Even though the story was so simple, Sanjay made it a large Indian fairytale style tragedy with creating and building monumental sets for the film. Everything about the film, from the costumes, music, and culture was kept extremely authentic. The film takes place in the year of 1940 in Bengali, India. Production Notes of the Film :  Production Notes of the Film Chandramukhi’s brothel was made around a lake. Perhaps it was the beauty of the set, which tempted even the heat. So much so, that the water in the lake kept drying. Gallons and gallons of water had to be filled in with amazing regularity. Moreover, the bridge across the lake had a knack of sinking at all the wrong times The biggest set of them all was Chandramukhi's mirror- bedecked, gold pillared Kotha. Perhaps the costliest set of made in the history of Hindi Cinema. Paro's delicate stained glass house was erected for seven months from November to June. Safe, non-monsoon months. Yet what does one know! There were unprecedented heavy rain showers. Costumes that Speak:  Costumes that Speak Besides the sets, the costumes were extremely painstaking and expensive. Each character’s clothes required extensive research and material to make. The costume’s show how much emotion, power, thinking and brilliance each costume was made to make the characters regal and come to life. The Bengali style saris and outfits had ad modern look to them as well. Viewing a series of films based on Calcutta, visits to museums, developing a thorough understanding of the script and intensive discussions went into creating a look that would be a blend of the magical period and today’s look. Traditional Bengali fabrics like Mull, Dhakais and Tangails were used in the costumes. Inspiration for the Director :  Inspiration for the Director Sarat Chandra Chattopadhye was the man who wrote the novel of Devdas. He was a brilliant man, writing novels of tragedy and love. Sanjay kept the story line the same, but he added his own interpretation into the movie which made is more exciting and appealing for international audiences. Sanjay was inspired by the theme of tragic love in which he made the monumental masterpiece. This is the ninth film that has interpreted the novel. Highlight for Indian Audiences:  Highlight for Indian Audiences Even though the male character was the lead, the movie belonged to the females. Aishwarya and Madhuri spellbound the audiences with their beauty and mesmerizing dances. The highlight of the film was that both of Indian cinema’s finest dancers, Madhuri and Aishwarya, actually performed a dance number together “dola re dola.” The dance had amazing choreography and was especially made for the two actress. The dance was showing the two women confessing their love for Devdas. A Tragedy which became a Mega Success:  A Tragedy which became a Mega Success After all the hard work, sweat, toil and determination, Devdas was finished in two years. The film was an instant hit in India and internationally. In 2002, Devdas premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, the first Indian Film ever to walk to red carpet. Audiences recognized how powerful Indian film making was and the film was accepted globally world wide. In India, Sanjay won the best director award, and the lead cast all won best acting awards. It was a sweet taste of success. The Legend of Powerful Love :  The Legend of Powerful Love Devdas left behind a testimony of love, that was pure, chaste, undemanding... and thus immortal. References For the Presentation:  References For the Presentation

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