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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: adkins1079


Gun Control Opinion Kris Adkins FYS My opinion of the social issue of controlling guns is very neutral. I think that having guns in the home is a good idea as long as there are safety measures in place. Like in my home, my father has a few guns that we all know about and know how to use them. We also know that they are not toys, and should be handled with extreme caution. I think that there should be background checks and psychiatric examinations more so than ever. Most of the shooters in these crazy incidents are crazy. Now, I’m not sure about automatic weapons, because how are we to stand up to an opposing force with lesser guns? They could be useful in protection from government, outside threat, or from the growing threat of gangs in some areas. I think the American people have the right to bear arms, but with some knowledge first. There should never be a case that a religious belief is considered crazy. I don’t think that being anxious is being crazy. Those with real mental issues should not be allowed to have a tool to kill. The capacity of a magazine shouldn’t matter, because we should stop most of the bad things from happening by the background checks. I also think that the ability to own a gun requires a license, permit for concealment, and an updated evaluation of mental stability, physical awareness, and safety measures for children in the house. That’s my opinion.

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