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Published on June 3, 2007

Author: seodaddy



The main purpose of Search Engines Optimization and Seach Engines Markeing are helping your business going towards Globalization. Acting as another powerfull marketing tools to sell and expose your business to the world.


The World Has Changed….. Everyone search and keep searching……for Business Personal Customers Favorites

More search activities on…… Society Culture Ethnicity Arts Peoples Places Things Travel commerce Employment Economy Computers Technology Health Sciences Education Humanities Entertainment Recreation Sex & Porn Religion Government

What is Search Engines Marketing ? A SKILL SEM Makes A Business Visible To Everyone & The Entire World. A STRATEGY Way To Make Your Business Different From Your Competitors. A KNOWLEDGE Knowledge Of Main “Rules” Of Business World. AN EXPERIENCE Strategies Test & Information Gathering AN OPPORTUNITY Main or Alternative Channel To Your Marketing Plan

Search Engines Marketing Comprises Of….. Search Engines Optimization Search engine optimization aims to improve rankings for relevant keywords in search results. Search Engines Advertising Paying the search engines company for guaranteed high ranking or ad displayed aside the results ( commonly known as pay per click advertising ).

Guides For Search Engines Optimization KNOW YOUR BUSINESS It’s important to know your business scope, your competitors and your market segment. KNOW YOUR PROSPECTS Get to know who are your target prospects. SET YOUR GOALS Set your aims and objectives. Decide your primary goals and secondary goals. GET INTO MARKETING BUDGET Search Engines Optimization takes times, effort and monetary investment. REVISE & EVALUATE YOUR PLAN Analyze and track which strategy makes better performance and achieve ROI. Part 1 – BUSINESS REVIEW

Guides For Search Engines Optimization CLEAN OUTLOOK & NAVIGATION Avoid fancy design. Surfers go on Web to find information and they do not look for ” beauty ”. SEARCH ENGINES FRIENDLY SITE Make your site structure and path understandable by “ Search Engines Robots ”. ERROR FREE Remove all errors. Validate your site to ensure errors free to avoid being suspend. YOUR WEBSITE IS YOUR CLIENT “Property” Build your site for your industries and your targeted market, not for yourself. PAGE PERFORMANCE REVIEW Ensure Site loading speed. Surfers have no patience and there are too many out there. Part 2 – WEBSITE STRUCTURE REVIEW

Guides For Search Engines Optimization RESEARCH ON KEYWORDS Find the best keywords describes your business and products offered. The most searchable keywords terms by surfers. IMPROVE KEYWORDS PROMINENCE, DENSITY & PROXIMITY Keywords at the beginning of your page. Total keywords contained within the total text the closeness between two or more keywords. META TITLE Make attractive and easy to understand title tag. . META DESCRIPTIONS Describe about your business wisely so that surfer understand well about your business. META KEYWORDS Generate keywords set after research has been done. These keywords best describe what the surfers searching for. Part 3 – KEYWORDS RESEARCH & META TAG GENERATION

Guides For Search Engines Optimization H1 & H2 HEADING FORMAT Apply H1 & H2 Tags in your source will be an additional points for ranking. ALT TAGS Because most of the sites contain images, it will be advisable to put ALT Tags for all these images to make the site more Search Engines Friendly. KEYWORDS RICH ANCHOR TEXT Anchor text for both external links and internal links is powerful elements for Search Engines Positioning. Part 4 – H1 & H2 HEADING, ALT TAGS & ANCHOR TEXT

Guides For Search Engines Optimization BLOGS & FORUMS Creates own blog to update your company news, and products. Participate in industries related forums, post your comments and thoughts. Provide a link back to your site. ARTICLES & PRESS RELEASES If you have new products or services release. Write an article to talk about the best of it. Post it as a press releases to inform others and your interest community. BOOKMARKS & CLASSIFIEDS Social book-marking helps to popularize your website in your community. Look for FREE classified Ads to increase website online exposures. SEARCH ENGINES & DIRECTORIES Submit Site manually to major Search Engines i.e Google, Yahoo and MSN including related industries directories Part 5 – SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION & ARTICLE MARKETING

Guides For Search Engines Optimization ANALYZE Analyze your site performance by adding in a tracking code to your site. Check your Search Engines Ranking periodically to ensure visibility of your site. Part 6 – EVALUATION REMEMBER! Search Engines Optimization is a continuous marketing effort. You will need to monitor it frequently. Treat your Website as a main marketing tool.

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