Guidelines for attempting paper in accountancy

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Information about Guidelines for attempting paper in accountancy

Published on February 16, 2014

Author: prabhjotkaurjyoti



This power point presentation is for guiding the students in attempting the paper in Accountancy.


1.Read the question paper thoroughly.

2. Decide questions to be attempted on priority basis. Questions that you find easier involving less time should be attempted first.

Attempt questions in serial order in order to minimize the inconvenience to the examiner, you can estimate and leave the space required to do the question to be attempted later on.

4. Once again read the question thoroughly before attempting as it has been seen that either by excitement or by fear, students miss the important points like: the date of transaction, the date of balance sheet, the requirement of the question etc. Sometimes instead of ledger accounts only journal entries are asked and in some cases ledger accounts are asked instead of journal entries.

5. Performa of all the statements and accounts must be prepared properly with their names and other particulars required to be written on the top. Narrations must be written though in brief as marks can be deducted for not doing so.

6. Working notes must be neatly given before or after the solution but in no case calculations should be done in the account or statement which makes the work untidy. Calculations must be done on rough space on the right side of the answer sheet on the same page or a separate sheet. It would be better to put Question no. with the rough work also.

7. Figures must be written perfectly in symmetry, one below the first to make the addition quickly, totals may be written with pencil before finalizing.

8. Answers required must be highlighted by headings, in case of short answers like ratios can be written in boxes to attract the attention of the examiner and facilitate his work.

9. Accounting terminology used in Companies Act'1956 must be strictly used and formats properly made.

Keep in mind the Golden Principle 'Make the examiner happy by showing him what he wants and he will make you happy with what you want'.

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