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Published on October 2, 2014

Author: mac0220


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Guided Exploratory Approach ●Process-Oriented Method – step-by-step acquisition of knowledge and skills. ●3 major Considerations: ●a. The process emphasizes how to learn and not to learn. ●b. It stresses the need for functional/relevant transfer of knowledge. c. It is concerned with the development of the intellect.

Inductive A method which from the specific before arriving at a generation. Steps of the inductive method a. Preparation b. Presentation c. Comparison and abstraction d. Generalization e. Application View slide

Inquiry Teaching “Discovery Teaching” and “Discovery Learning” Commonly used in higher level thinking. This method helps the students to learn how to ask questions, seek answers or solutions to problems. View slide

Laboratory Method ●A kind of teaching procedure that deals with investigation and experimentation and which normally involves firsthand experiences concerning materials and facts obtained. ●A. Experimental – emphasizes discovery of a solution to a problem either by problem solving or acquisition of information. ●B. Observational – focuses on the acquisition of facts.

Steps of the laboratory method a. Orientation and motivation b. Work Period c. Culminating activities

Problem Solving This is a teaching method that uses the scientific method in searching for information and for improving the reasoning process. Also referred to as reflective thinking considered as to be model as the 1990s up to 50s. Effective however, in teaching non-science subjects.

Steps in Problem Solving a. Sensing and Defining the Problem b. Formulating the Hypotheses. c. Testing for the Hypotheses. d. Analysis e. Formulating Conclusion

How effective is the problem-solving method? ●Critical thinking ●Independence of mind ●Open mindedness ●Sense of responsibility

Guidelines for an effective problem-solving 1. Problem must be clear and concise. 2. Problem is adapted to the age, interest, skills of the students. 3. Use cooperative learning to ensure a more active participation of group members. 4. Furnish leading questions at every step to monitor progress of the undertaking. 5. Prepare supplementary materials to substitute for materials that are not available. ●

6. See to it that the process or procedure is done correctly and well. 7. Set criteria for evaluation. Project Method Requires the students to construct projects as a result of the study/research done. Self-directed – individual's effort

Effectiveness of Project Method 1. Project is reflective of the amount of understanding the students have for the concept developed. 2. It provides avenues for self-expression and creativity. 3. It develops desirable attitudes. 4. Group projects enhance cooperation and sharing of ideas.

Guidelines of the Project Method 1. Set clear objectives for evaluation. 2. Encourage use of available local materials. 3. Assign projects according to the interest and ability of the students. 4. Provide minimal supervision to set directions and monitor progress. 5. Projects must not be duplications of previously done output of the students.

Steps of the Project Method 1. Purposing 2. Planning 3. Executing 4. Evaluating

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