Guide to Kiosk Printers based on direct thermal printing technology

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Information about Guide to Kiosk Printers based on direct thermal printing technology

Published on June 7, 2016

Author: MichalHopfer


1. How to choose a kiosk printer Based on a direct thermal printing technology

2. There are several factors to consider when it comes to choose right solution

3. 3 What are the application requirements? Different applications require different functionality Thermal, Thermal-Transfer, Inkjet, Dot Matrix, Laser Printing Technology What`s the required print width? Paper Width Not all printers support thick paper type Paper Thickness How fast do you need to print? Print Speed Continous paper, fan fold paper, continous label paper or size cut labels ? Media type Small or large paper holder ? Paper holder size

4. 4 What are the application requirements? Different applications require different product functionality What is available voltage to operate the printer? Voltage What is available current allocated for printing? Current What is available space for printer? Dimensions Tear bar or automatic cutter ? Cutting type What are temperature and humidity ranges? Operating conditions Is presenter required to protect from vandalism or to retract untaken receipt? Presenter

5. 5 What are the application requirements? Different applications require different functionality RS232, USB, Ethernet or other like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? Interface type Are drivers, libraries or SDK required? Operating system Is near end paper sensor, gap sensor or reflective sensor required? Sensors availability What are the printer and device required approvals? Certifications Does distributor or manufactuer provide pre-sale and post-sale support ? Support Is distributor or manufacturer able to deliver in a timely manner? Stock availability

6. 6 Direct Thermal Printing Technology Why is it so popular for kiosk manufacturers ? Why Go Thermal? Thermal kiosk printers are popular for printing receipts, but also wider black and white documents due to high speed and instant ready to print functionality. Thermal printing is very quiet and requires no toners, inks or cartridges. The only consumable is thermal paper meaning less operating costs. Thermal mechanisms have few moving parts resulting in very high reliability like 150km or more abrasion resistance. Thermal kiosk printers are also used for their small size, competitive price in case of 2” and 3” models and eventually low voltage and low current requirement.

7. Previous factors are now reviewed in more details describing direct thermal kiosk printers

8. 8 General features review Print Width Most common print width is 60mm, followed by 80mm. 112mm and A4 print width is less common because of much higher price of the printer. Print Speed Kiosk printers print speed ranges from 50mm to 250mm per second, while 200mm/s is standard. Print speed depends mostly on printer`s hardware and firmware design, but also on printing application as printing speed is lower when more dots per line are heated. Paper Thickness Most kiosk printers use 55-80gsm paper, while more advanced ones are suitable for thicker paper even up to 255gsm. Simple receipt is 48-55gsm, while tickets differs by application ranging between 75gsm and 255gsm. Paper Holder Size There is no standard when it comes to printer paper holder. Minimum paper holder of 83mm paper roll diameter is recommended, followed by 120mm or 150mm. Often large paper holder of 200mm or 250mm paper roll diameter is available as option.

9. 9 General features review Voltage Most common printer voltage is 24V, followed by 12V or other like 9V. 110/230V ac adapters are usually offered as option. Current Required current varies significantly ranging from 1A to even 25A with average of 2-3A. Low printing speed and text printing require less current while high printing speed and graphic printing require more current. Presenter Presenter is a device assembled in front of the printer and is used to hold the receipt untill it`s fully printed, cut and then presented to the customer. Some presenters have retract function for collecting untaken receipts which is important in data sensitive applications. Cutting Type Tear bar is used to tear paper off manually while cutter cuts paper automatically. Kiosk printers are usually equipped with automatic guilottine cutters which cut paper like scissors.

10. 10 General features review Operating System Depending on OS, Windows drivers, Linux libraries or Android SDK are usually requested. These are integral part of the printer as good software support greatly reduces printer integration time resulting in lower cost of design. Software differs from simple Windows support to advanced printer status monitor. Operating Conditions There are printers made for normal operating temperature range (from + 5C to 50C) and wide operating temperature range (from -20C to 60C). Humidity ranges from 20% to 85%, without condensation. This figures are most common and could vary depending on exact product. Support and Stock Availability It is important to use durable printer as noone wants to repair device in remote location. Purchase from reliable partner is highly recommended. When choosing supplier take into consideration level of provided support and check if standard stock level is sufficient. Price should not be a key factor. Certifications Some kiosk printers don`t have any certifications while others could have CE, UL or other. As certification is costly, manufacurer could also provide list of components meeting certain standards, thus helping in complete certification of the device.

11. Sanei SK1 printers as an example of versatile kiosk printing solution Entry-level, Super-Compact, Open Frame Printers

12. 12 SK1-x1 thermal kiosk printer range Our Portfolio Paper width 80 / 83 / 112mm SK1-41 Paper width 58 / 60mm SK1-21 Paper width 58 / 60 / 80 / 83mm SK1-31 1D and 2D barcode, ticket, receipt and label printers

13. 13 SK1 Features High Print Speed Print speed up to 200mm per second Paper Thickness Thick paper support up to 150µm Flexible Mounting Options Standard horizontal or vertical model for very thin kiosk installation Interface Type USB and Serial Dual Interface Easy Paper Operation Unique “crocodile open mouth” or standard automatic paper loading Cutter type Full cut or partial cut gillotine cutter Sensors Sensors include Near End, Paper End, Reflection and Gap Compact Design Low profile and lightweight design Paper Diameter Paper diameter up to 120mm by paper holder adjustement Paper Core Changeable paper core - 12mm or 25.4mm Voltage & Current Voltage 24V +/- 5%, average current 2.5A Reliability Up to 150km, 200mln Pulses, 1.5mln cuts Versatile Operating Conditions Working temperature from -20C to +60C Certifications CE, FCC, VCCI Paper Type Continous paper or label paper

14. 14 SK1 options Bezels There are two types of paper bezels available: ● BZ-SK1 - compact and lighweight bezel with paper sensor ● LB-SK1- red or blue led flashing bezel with paper sensor Both types are suitable for 2” or 3” printers and are assembled in front of the mechanism.

15. 15 SK1 options Presenter and power adapter Presenter PR-SK1 supports retract function and works in following modes: ● CLAMP/EJECT - forward collecting operation ● CLAMP/RETRACT - backward collecting operation ● CLAMP ONLY - ejecting operation ● CONTINOUS - continous ejecting operation For those who do not have 24V power source, 230V power adapter with adapter cable is available as option.

16. 16 SK1 options Large paper holders Large paper holders are used in case of highly demanding applications where more receipts are printed. HL02 holder for 2” and 3” printers supports 200mm roll diameter, while HL03 holder for 4” printer supports 250mm roll diameter. HL02 holder is very flexible as the paper roll could be assembled above, behind or below the printer. Vertical position of roll greatly reduces required depth for printer assembly.

17. 17 SK1 Software ESC/POS ® commands compatibility Available software support Windows drivers XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 Advanced Windows Utility Software - remote real time status monitor with automatic email sending, macro settings, format & label settings, journal manager, image registration and other Linux support - CUPS drivers 3D CAD files for easy integration available upon request

18. 18 CompArt International - Printing Solution Company 60mm, 80mm or 112mm panel mount printers for easy integration Panel printers 60mm, 80mm, 112mm or A4 Bluetooth portable printers with battery Mobile printers 60mm, 80mm or 112mm Point of Sale printers with various interfaces POS printers Thermal & thermal transfer office, semi industrial and industrial printers Label printers CompArt is a dot matrix, thermal and thermal transfer printer solution provider. We offer POS, mobile, kiosk, panel, label printers and printing mechanisms from worldwide known manufacturers as well as our own production under CompArt brand. We are distributor of the following companies: Brother, Dymo, Godex, Nippon Primex, Star Micronics, Seiko Instruments and Seiko Precision.

19. 19 Our Customer Service Pre-Sale Support We provide detailed technical support about our printers as well as price and stock level information. Usually we ask what your requirements are and then we propose a solution tailored to your needs. Sale We deliver products from our warehouse based in Poland, offering fast and cost efficient delivery terms. Flexibility In all 3 stages we are flexible as much as possible and reply within 24h by answering customer`s inquiries and solving problems (if any). Post-Sale Support If needed We take care of our customers by providing more technical support after product delivery. Support Negotiations Deliveries

20. 20 We provide our products worldwide from our office in Poland, Warsaw or though our distributors (please inquire) Europe - Poland - Warsaw CompArt Headquarters CompArt International Hetmanska 35, 04-305 Warsaw, Poland Phone: + 48 22 6108527 Fax: + 48 22 6730242

21. 21 Thank you for watching Created by Michal Hopfer Any questions ? If you need more information about thermal kiosk printers or thermal printers in general, please do not hesitate to contact me. Michal Hopfer Sales Director at CompArt International Phone +48 22 610 85 27 Website & Email Address CompArt International Hetmanska 35, 04-305 Warsaw, Poland

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