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Information about Guide T Tflow Program Pilot

Published on March 24, 2008

Author: txarli



telework plan in enterprise

Applicant Teleworkers consult their households & managers YES Does the applicant want to proceed? Pilot Telework at SW2000. The organisational process HR send Telework Guidelines to Unit Managers Unit Managers provide short-list of pilot teleworkers SELECTION by Unit Managers NO COMPLETE APPLICATION FORM TW-HR-F1 Manager SIGNS APPLICATION FORM Includes 14 day option to terminate HR and teleworker sign the AGREEMENT For staff members & managers BRIEFINGS ORIENTATION Agree reporting criteria and Telework Diary contents IMPLEMENT 12 months PILOT FINANCIAL MONITOR I.T. and PRODUCTIVITY MONITOR H.R. ISSUES MONITOR REPORTS ©SW2000 Telework Studies - SW2000-Flow-1 See the individual guide - next slide SW2000 - Oxford HQ

Telework Guidelines 4.1 FORMAL request to Telework TW-HR-F1 complete on-screen or on paper. Print and get it signed. Read the SW2000 Telework Guidelines & FORMS Should I Telework? YES NO End How do I apply? Has your manager signed TW-HR-F1? NO End YES Have HR signed TW-HR-F1? NO YES Keep the original signed FORM TW-HR-F1 Telework Guidelines 7. Complete FORM TW-HSE-FI Health & Safety Assessm. to anticipate any home- office problems Does your home office have any HSE or other technical problems ? YES NO Repeat the process YES Will you often be working abroad/overseas? Read Telework Guidelines 5.3 & 8 Apply for a Global Service. Are you a person with a disability? Yes Read Telework Guidelines 5.4 & 7 Apply for special equipment. No No Read Telework Guidelines 5.1 & 5.2 Check your home equipment. Read Telework Guidelines 4.2 Book in for your briefings or training Study Telework Guidelines 11.1 Plan your daily communications and complete your Telework Diary. Go home and work Consult your family or household Consult your manager Consult your colleagues Consult your usual HR contact. If cleared Re-apply Consult FM and/or IT. Systems. Is the problem fixed? Will you telework? Copy authorization TW-HR-F1 to SW2000 IT Systems Human Resources Facilities Management & Telephones SW2000 Safety Adviser Keep Original NO Yes ©SW2000 Telework Studies - SW2000-Flow-1 Do you have your own home- office equipment? YES NO Will SW2000 supply your equipment? YES

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