Guerrilla Marketing Series_ Stealth Marketing Strategies And Technique

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Information about Guerrilla Marketing Series_ Stealth Marketing Strategies And Technique

Published on November 6, 2019

Author: mikedavistech


slide 1: Guerrilla Marketing Series: Stealth Marketing Strategies And Technique With Examples Well in this article I am going to highlight a term and draw your focus on Stealth Marketing. If you are a newbie in the marketing industry then this term or practice may sound strange to you. But these particular marketing strategies are not at all strange as these types of marketing advertisement occur in day to day life of a consumer. Only the difference is that consumers don’t understand that they are being marketed. So read out the article for detailed information on Stealth Marketing Tactics. slide 2: What is Stealth Marketing It is one of the most commonly used creative marketing strategies which requires a lot of creativity to market a product. Stealth marketing is an unintended way of producing creative marketing strategies where marketer tries to advertise a product to people without them knowing they are being marketed. It is also called buzz marketing and the main aim is to create a buzz about a product or brand through social media where people use the hashtag of a product and brand. Stealth marketing is carried out in discussion forums as well where random people will start talking about the product in positive and sometimes in a negative manner to create the buzz. This type of creative marketing strategy happens mostly in new channels movies tv-series etc. Read more on ​ For More Details: Contact Us: Address: ​ ​The Gas Company Tower Los Angeles CA 90013 United States Email: ​ ​ Contact No: ​ ​213-277-9177 Google My Map: ​ ​

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