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Information about GTIDs Explained

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: izoratti



I presented these slides at the London MySQL Meetup on Thursday 6 March 2014

Ivan  Zoratti   GTIDs  Explained MySQL 5.6, MariaDB 10, Galera 3 V1403.01

MySQL  5.6  Replication 2 M1 S1 S2 S3

GTID  in  MySQL  5.6 3 3E11FA47-71CA-11E1-9E33-C80AA9429562:23 Transaction  ID   Sequence  number  determined  by  the  order  in  which   the  transaction  was  committed  on  this  server   ! Transaction  ID  =  =  Sequence Source  ID
 Identifies  the  originating  server
 ! Source  ID  =  =  Server  UUID

GTID  in  MySQL  5.6 •Used  to  identify  a  transaction  in  a  MySQL  5.6  Cluster   •Sets  are  also  allowed  to  identify  an  interval  of  transactions   •Preserved  between  masters  and  slaves,  i.e.  they  identify  the  source  (origin)  of  a  transaction   •Transactions  with  the  same  GTID  cannot  be  applied  more  than  once   •Benefits   •Simplified  failover  (with  CHANGE  MASTER  TO  and  MASTER_AUTO_POSITION=1)   •Guarantees  slave  consistency  by  checking  Executed_Gtid_Set 4

Galera  Cluster • Read  &  Write  access  to  any  node   • Client  can  connect  to  any  node   • There  can  be  several  nodes   • Automatic  node  provisioning   • Replication  is  synchronous 5

GTID  in  Galera  3 •Used  to  identify  a  state  change   •i.e.  to  identify  write  operations  to  the  database   •Used  to  identify  the  state  itself   •i.e.  the  last  state  change 6

GTID  in  Galera  3 7 ! 45eec521-2f34-11e0-0800-2a36050b826b:94530586304 An  ordinal  sequence  number  (seqno,  64-­‐bit  signed   integer)  to  denote  the  position  of  the  change  in  the   sequence   ! Sequence  =  =  Change  in  the  Cluster State  UUID
 I  uniquely  identifies  the  state  and  the  sequence  of  changes  it   undergoes   ! UUID  =  =  Cluster  ID

GTID  in  Galera  3 •A  Galera  Cluster  acts  as  a  single  node   •No  holes  in  the  sequence   •Stored  in  grastate.dat   •5ee99582-­‐bb8d-­‐11e2-­‐b8e3-­‐23de375c1d30:8204503945773  <<<  Typical  sequence   •5ee99582-­‐bb8d-­‐11e2-­‐b8e3-­‐23de375c1d30:-­‐1  <<<  The  node  has  crashed   •00000000-­‐0000-­‐0000-­‐0000-­‐000000000000:-­‐1  <<<  The  node  has  crashed  during  the   execution  of  a  non  transactional  operations  (e.g.  a  DDL  op)  or  the  op  has  been  aborted 8

MariaDB  10  Replication 9

GTID  in  MariaDB  10 10 ! #131109 14:59:59 server id 1 end_log_pos 4151 GTID XXX-YYY-ZZZ /*!100001 SET @@session.gtid_seq_no=ZZZ*//*!*/; Sequence  Number   64bit  unsigned   It  increases  monotonically  at  each  commit   It  is  applied  for  each  Event  Group,  i.e.,  for  each  BEGIN/COMMIT  or   for  groups  that  have  no  BEGIN/COMMIT
 (for  example  DDL  commands,  TRUNCATE  and  others) Server  ID   32bit  unsigned   The  server_id  value  for  the   MariaDB  instance Domain  ID   32bit  unsigned   The  domain_id  value  for  the   Replication  stream

GTID  in  MariaDB  10 •1  GTID  for  each  event  group   •Groups  can  be  executed  in  parallel   •Transaction  safe  (stored  in  an  InnoDB  table,
 not  in  a  file)   •MASTER_USE_GTID=gtid_slave_pos  -­‐  great  to  position/reposition  slave  nodes   •Domain  ID  is  used  to  guarantee  that  this  works  with  multi-­‐source  replication 11

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