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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: beata_br


Who wants to play with me? Polish traditional games

In Poland we have a lot of traditional games. You don’t need many complicated things. You can play outside. So let’s try!

CIUCIUBABKA – THE BLIND MAN’S BUFF Blind man's bluff should be played in a spacious area, such as playground or in a large room free of dangerous obstructions so that the “Ciuciubabka” will not hurt herself. 1. Ciuciubabka should be blindfolded. You can use a scarf. 2. Before the game startes, the leader of the group or one of the players turns “Ciuciubabka” around and the players say a chant: Children: Grandma, grandma, what are you standing on? Ciuciubabka: A barrel. Children: What’s in the barrel? Ciuciubabka: Acid. Children: Then catch us! 3. Now Ciuciubabka should catch someone in the circle by hearing voices.

KLASY - HOPSCOTCH To play Klasy one needs just a bit of the pavement or sidewalk somewhere out of the way, a piece of chalk (or something to draw squares) and a small rock or a stone. 1. At first you should draw on the ground something like that. 2. The participant starts by throwing a rock into the field with number "1" - then she/he jumps on two or one leg and picks the rock up. Jumping is continued on the same leg through all the sections keeping the balance, making sure that the leg does not touch the line. 3. If the participant makes this fault - the next person starts and she/he needs to repeat it after waiting for her/his turn again. 4. After the participant finishes a tour successfully, she/he can continue by throwing the rock into the field number "2" and repeating the same thing until she/he successfully finishes all 6 rounds. 5. The first one who finishes all rounds wins.

CHOWANEGO – HIDE AND SEEK The rules of the game are very simple: one person is chosen to be a seeker and must look for everyone else. 1. The rest of the group must hide in the designated area in designated amount of time. 2. The time is designated by counting by a seeker up to the chosen at the beginning of the game number, e.g. 20 or 50. 3. Children decide and agree upon a spot to be home base. The person who is the seeker stands on the home base, covers his/her eyes and counts to a previously agreed number. 4. When he/she finishes counting, hey say loudly, "I’m seeking!" and runs to find the other players. 5. The hiders must remain very quiet, and the first person to be found becomes the next seeker. 6. The participants can rescue themselves against being a seeker by running to the home base before the seeker does it and saying “One, two, three for me”. That means that the player is better than the seeker. 7. The seeker should also announce finding everyone by saying “One, two, three (Adam)”.

GRA W GUMĘ – PLAY WITH RUBBER BANDS During school breaks and after school we often play by using rubber bands. 1. Two children have to stay opposite each other and keep the rubber band. 2. The third child can jump in many combinations. Who makes a fault should stand in the rubber. 3. As the game continued, the level of jumping got higher and higher. For example: ankle high, knee high, waist high, and under the shoulder.

BEREK – THE TAG BEREK is one of the most popular children’s games. 1. Children are running around the playground. 2. One person – called Berek – has to catch another child. 3. Touched child becomes Berek.

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