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Published on May 31, 2014

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http://grupovenus.com Vocational Guidance Report for Deepak Sawant 4 April 1965 03:47 Mumbai , India CONTENTS: 0 Introduction 1 Individuality 2 Abilities, emotions, hidden talents 3 Expansion and retraction 4 Finances, source of income 5 Creativity and skills 6 Profession, success and recognition 7 Your unique talents Introduction This report is designed to serve as a guide in finding your true vocation. At the same time an analysis of your personal characteristics, strengths or inhibitions, unused potential, karma, creativity, ability to earn money, work in relation to your employment etc., is given. At the end you will find a synthesis of the foregoing that will help you to summarize and clarify your mission in this

life. Throughout this report numerous indications of possible vocations or professions related to your astrological influences are outlined. It is suggested that you reflect on this information within yourself so that in the end your own intuition can lead you to the best selection. Sun Aries 13° 56' in house 2 Moon Taurus 7° 49' in house 3 Mercury Aries 21° 41' in house 2 Venus Aries 11° 49' in house 2 Mars Virgo 10° 21' in house 7 Jupiter Taurus 26° 1' in house 3 Saturn Pisces 11° 53' in house 1 Uranus Virgo 11° 31' in house 7 Neptune Scorpio 19° 31' in house 9 Pluto Virgo 14° 18' in house 7 Ascendant Aquarius 21° 43' in house 1 Medium Coeli Saggitarius 1° 14' in house 10 North Node true Gemini 15° 33' in house 4 2 Pisces 28° 55' in house 2 3 Taurus 2° 45' in house 3 4 Gemini 1° 14' in house 4 5 Gemini 26° 34' in house 5 6 Cancer 22° 6' in house 6 Zodiac Tropical

Time Zone: -5.5 hours EAST Latitude & Longitude: 18N58 72E50 Aspects y Orbs: Conjunction: 8 Degrees Opposition: 8 Degrees Sqaure: 8 Degrees Trine: 8 Degrees Sextile: 5 Degrees Chapter 1 Your individuality. Your personality. Your emotional needs. Your mentality. To find the ideal profession, you have to know yourself first. There are activities you are suited for according to your nature, and others you are not. Your ideal occupation should favor the expression of your individuality (Sun) and your personality (Rising Sign), satisfy your emotional needs (Moon) and permit the development of your intellect (Mercury). Your individuality: Sun in Aries You were born under the sign of ARIES and your ruling planet is Mars, which endows you with energy and enthusiasm for life.

You are a person with many initiatives disposed to gain an important place in this world. Your Sun sign is CARDINAL and this indicates that you were born to be a leader, either in thought or action. You are never completely satisfied in a subordinate position carrying out the ideas of others, unless they are part of your aspirations. You are comfortable working independently or occupying a leadership position. Aries is a FIRE sign and this will make you enthusiastic, ardent and spontaneous; a pioneer undertaking enterprises with certain risks and seeking recognition from others. You have a strong will and great ambitions and never are satisfied with little. The fire element impels you to fight determinedly for your ideal, which sometimes may cause you to become aggressive, nervous or a tyrant. You like to be free, direct and clear with your opinions, which at times could lead to certain problems; however, this will not cause you to change your position. You will be protective of the people you love and are always willing to help those who need it. Your physical energy is inexhaustible and you never seem to be overcome by fatigue. The same applies to sports, if you practice any. If not, it would be advisable to incorporate some physical activity into your daily life, otherwise the energy that remains within you without being used increases your anxiety and aggressiveness. You tend to have a lot of personal pride and sometimes your feelings could easily be hurt. You love challenges and achieving difficult goals in the material as well as emotional world. Your competitive spirit will let you earn what you long for thanks to your courage, energy, independence and administration ability.

You love and admire strong people and fighters who express energy and power. You never feel inferior to anybody and your qualities will permit you to compete with anyone. You always exhibit an unconquerable and strong image that will make you a leader in your family, your work and any other area. You were born to direct others, to provide initiatives to the world, to defend just causes and the people you love. Your mission is to open new roads, to create enterprises, to show audacity, to expose your ideas and, fundamentally, to teach others with your attitudes that success comes when one develops genuineness and confidence in oneself. To evolve, your spirit needs to learn to control impulsiveness, restlessness and selfishness. You will have to find a way not to become irritated and angered so easily, and to seek positive and creative outlets for your natural aggressiveness. You also will have to subdue your arrogant, intolerant, sharp, violent and disagreeable attitudes, and learn to think about others, considering their ideas and initiatives without losing your values and love of yourself. Your personality: Ascendant in Aquarius Others see you as a rebellious, original, spontaneous and very unusual person. You are active, electrical and free, and you can't tolerate routine or being tied down. You are curious and extremely intelligent. Your mind and your ideas are aimed toward the future and because of this, you rebel against traditions and morals or any kind of limitation to your life. You are a free and renewing person and your principal ideas are in agreement with the New Age. Criticism doesn't bother you, and a lot of times your unusual behavior attracts peoples attention. You are very sociable, congenial and not at all prejudicial, which allows you to have an intense social

life. You also tend to easily lose your patience, especially when you become bored. You are freedom- loving and always act very independently. The profession you choose will have to stimulate your curiosity and creativity and your desire to increase your knowledge a little more each day. Avoid routine, conventional, boring and solitary jobs or those that limit your personal freedom too much. Your emotional needs: Moon in Taurus Your emotions are deep, stable and very lasting. Your feelings toward someone can be for life, which makes you very loyal and confident, but at the same time very possessive. You seek safety and protection in your emotional world. You are very cautious when you meet someone and over time will open your heart little by little. If you don't receive the stable emotional response you need, you could become obsessed with the material world and may develop a strong desire for possession that will lead you to buy things and to accumulate money. Thanks to your emotional control, you have the ability to solve problems. You are not easily stunned and prefer to do nothing until you analyze the situation. Your pace is likely to be slower than that of others. You gradually react to situations and never act suddenly. Little by little, you assimilate ideas and things that hamper you. You are well prepared and your ideas are fixed. Once you have made up your mind, it is difficult for you to change your original opinions. You also are very creative, which will allow you to do very well in any artistic endeavor. Subconsciously, you have a strong fear of change. In previous lives you may have accumulated goods, resulting in your difficulty to act with indifference today. You may still be tied to those things or persons that wronged you or limited your freedom.

The profession you choose will have to satisfy your emotional need to find stability, harmony, continuity, future security and the possibility of showing your degree of productivity and artistic expression. Your mentality: Mercury in Aries Your mind is likely to be quick and sharp. You are an independent thinker and love talking about your favorite subjects. Your active and dynamic mind will not allow you to concentrate on one thing for very long. You are always ready for physical action, and you will often act or say things without thinking first. You like challenges and also will defend your position aggressively. You make up your mind rather quickly, but may not always be reasonable. You express yourself clearly and easily and also have the ability to improvise. Although your mind is sharp and inventive, this astrological position doesn't help studies, due to your great need for physical action. That is why you must learn to combine some hours of study with a physical activity. Your mental attitude tends to make you dominant and always trying to prevail and willing to take risks in business. You also will try to protect the people you love. Your way of expression could be a bit rude and unrefined, and you may easily lose your patience or become irritated, however, you calm down quickly and do not harbor any resentment. Chapter 2 Your abilities and your emotions, inhibitions and strengths. Hidden talents or challenges, Karma.

The location of the planets in the houses and the relationship between them can increase or decrease their power. Aspects of the Sun are related to our strength and those of the Moon affect the emotional world and are expressed on a subconscious level. Sun in house 2 You have the ability to attract money, but most of your earnings are likely to come through your own effort and initiatives. With a very pronounced materialistic sense of life, you are very attracted to possessions that represent status, value and luxuries. Though money is not likely to be lacking in your life, it is important that you learn to manage it, because it tends to go right through your hands. Many times you may make purchases or unnecessary investments, or incur expenses that you regret later on. You will have to learn to share your possessions and not be dazzled by luxurious things. This position emphasizes your concentration on securities and material things; don't neglect your spiritual securities nor those of others. Your success depends much on your personal self-evaluation, on your administrative ability and on your relationships to people with power or higher positions.

Aspects that affect your INDIVIDUALITY: Sun Conjunct Mercury (menos de 3 grados) Orb 7° 44' You have a powerful mind, but can become very inflexible and stubborn in your opinions. It is important for you to think things through more thoroughly to avoid making premature decisions. You aim toward ardent and tenacious projects and are very ambitious and creative in all of your undertakings. Your mind is likely to be much faster than your body, which makes you feel that there never is enough time in a day and that you have to do everything immediately, or that other people hold you back. To avoid stress, you will have to organize your time in accordance with the tasks you are planning to undertake. Sun Conjunct Venus Orb 2° 7' You have great ability to work with your hands or other artistic endeavors. Your creative and aesthetic sense needs to find expression and a channeling process; it is necessary for you to use these abilities because it could help you to beautify your environment. You appreciate the finer things in life and like beautiful things and luxury. Aspects that affect your EMOTIONS: Moon in house 3

You are very imaginative and intuitive, and if you are inclined to writing, journalism or advertising, you could be very successful. You are restless, like to travel and to associate with the people around you. You can understand other people's emotions, but can't tolerate any routine. Your curious mind will keep you in constant motion. You tend to lack concentration and may change your studies or career often. You can be very dreamy and romantic, and your mind quickly wanders when subjects become boring or too abstract. Moon harmoniously aspects Mars Orb 2° 31' You undertake your endeavors with great enthusiasm and your energy seems to be contagious to others. You are constructive, decisive and make your decisions rapidly. Others will rely on you and seek your support and containment. You tend to have an abundance of physical energy which makes you qualified for activities that require physical effort. Moon harmoniously aspects Saturn Orb 4° 4' You are very serious and confident, which is to your advantage and will allow you to occupy important positions in your life. You are able to assume many responsibilities without getting overwhelmed by them. You can excel in executive and administrative posts. Having great emotional control, you don't let your feelings get the best of you or make rushed decisions. You are a traditionalist and observe your own principles. This configuration augurs for great success in the material world.

Moon harmoniously aspects Uranus Orb 3° 42' You have a modern and futuristic vision of life and because of this, you act freely and dismiss the old tabus or traditions that would limit you. Very innovative, you will project your individual style. You are very intuitive and can clearly perceive the feelings of others or the possible success of an enterprise. You also are attracted to the hidden sciences and could become a very good astrologer. Moon harmoniously aspects Pluto Orb 6° 28' You are very sure of yourself and do everything authoritatively. You could be a leader in groups or work in places with a large number of people. You are protective and have the necessary strength to help those who need it. You have the ability to regenerate and restore yourself completely after any crisis you may encounter. Hidden talents: Capricorn in house 12 You have a tendency to hide your authoritative ability and to shun your responsibilities. Because of your inner insecurities, you try to avoid leading positions. Others probably won't realize your fears due to your unpredictable and rebellious appearance.

However, they will be reflected in your capricious or immature behavior that lets you escape any obligation or tie. There could be great obstacles in your career or it may be impossible to have one. You will have to learn to develop patience and the necessary perseverance to accomplish each one of your goals, due to the fact that you tend to abandon them half- way through. Older people or people of old spirit (not implying age) don't favor you, neither does permanency in closed places with artificial lighting. Chapter 3 Expansion (Jupiter) and retraction (Saturn). To give and to receive. Success in life depends to a great extent on the balance between giving and receiving, expanding and retracting. Even dwelling on the one and only failure you may have had is like not attempting anything. Expansion: Jupiter in Taurus Your sense of expansion manifests through your financial dealings. You have a deep understanding of the true value of things. You are very good in matters of money and would do well in your own business, but just as well working for others. Your growth in life is bound to your administrative ability. You like the good life and luxuries; your expensive tastes could lead to self-indulgence and

squandering. You are quite stubborn and dislike being pushed. Jupiter in house 3 Your material expansion is related to the level of your education, studies and ability to communicate. You are very alert and your positive disposition will bring you good luck in your projects. You are likely to have a good relationship with your relatives, especially with your brothers and sisters. Because you have a restless mind, you need a none-routine job. At times you may be too talkative and thus waste your energies. It is important that you learn to be a little more reserved. You could also be a bit imprudent and prone to exaggerate. Jupiter inharmoniously aspects Neptune Orb 6° 29' You are a bit careless and prone to legal or financial problems. You tend to live in a fantasy world and have a tendency to evade reality, especially problems. It is important that you learn to eliminate fears and replace the negative thoughts with additional positive ones, and overcome the inertia that holds back the dynamic energy you have. Retraction: Saturn in Pisces The inhibition principle affects your ability to assume responsibilities and to accept reality as it is. You are very imaginative, tend to live in the past and may have difficulties dealing with the present. You have great emotional understanding and humility and are willing to work with and for the underdog or those who are friendless. You need quiet and solitude to discover your abilities and

would do well in fields of literature, investigation or metaphysics. You take life too seriously and react emotionally to everything. It is important for you to practice emotional detachment, to face life more realistically, and to overcome your inner fears that could lead you to escape your responsibilities. Saturn in house 1 You are quiet and reserved, and tend to appear older than you really are. You are serious, responsible, patient and very conscientious. Generally, this position indicates a childhood with limitations and for this reason you may have matured before your time. You may have gone to work and sought your independence early in life. Your serious and trusting behavior caused you to easily earn the approval of your elders. The principal frustration you may feel is not being able to demonstrate your affection and friendliness naturally. It is important that you learn to become affectionate, to mention what is going on inside you, and to loosen up without the fear of making mistakes. If you don't overcome these aspects, you will always be cold, egotistic and may suffer depression. You have to learn to forgive and forget your past. Try to eliminate all kinds of hatred or grievous recollections. If this influence is handled adequately, you will be able to reach each one of your goals thanks to your tenacity and perseverance, but first you need to achieve more personal freedom. Saturn harmoniously aspects Moon Orb 4° 4' Your strong emotional control allows you to make good decisions. But your practical sense could restrict your imagination; you don't like to evade nor make plans without foundation. Your

ambitions are very concrete and you clearly visualize each goal that you set for yourself. You arouse a feeling of confidence and loyalty in people that will make you popular. You are likely to have a successful social life and your relationships will help you to attain higher positions. Saturn inharmoniously aspects Mars Orb 1° 32' You alternate between aggression and apathy. You may also be selfish, which could hinder your relationship with others. You will have to learn to become flexible and to express your desires more smoothly. In spite of your strong energy, you can't seem to direct it in an orderly fashion. You could have inner inhibitions that don't allow you to express your dissatisfactions and cause you to harbor resentments for a long time. You are likely to have strong disagreements with your superiors or other persons in authority, and the relationship between you tends to be very tense. Saturn inharmoniously aspects Uranus Orb 0° 22' You are tense and unpredictable, and likely to release your tension suddenly. You strongly rebel against obligations and limitations in your life, which was probably brought on by confrontations with your father during your childhood. As a consequence, you tend to have difficulties in dealing with other authoritative figures; bosses, superiors, policemen etc. You can be aggressive towards others in order to hide your feelings of insecurity. You will have to learn to relax, to accept commitments, and to become more persevering in your purposes. Saturn harmoniously aspects Neptune Orb 7° 37'

You tend to have a strong and positive sense of ethics and morals. Because your sense of self- preservation is strong, you always protect your own interests. Your imagination and inspiration will be expressed in an organized, methodical and practical way. You have a strong feeling of reality and your philosophy of life is based on discipline. You are likely to develop strong spiritual and religious principles throughout your life. Saturn inharmoniously aspects Pluto Orb 2° 24' You appear to be dictatorial and aggressive, but this only is your way of concealing your own insecurity. Fighting for power, you are likely to have frequent confrontations with your boss or other authority figures. Your fiercely resist any change in your life. You have enormous strength, but can also be inflexible and fanatical. You will have to learn not to be egotistical, try not to control everything, and to show your feelings more freely without fear of giving the impression of being weak. Chapter 4 Finances, source of income. Work in relation to your employment. Described below are some possible sources of income. They may coincide, or not relate at all to your professional vocation.

Finances: Pisces in house 2 You tend to be a bit careless in managing your finances. This could lead to contradictory situations; earnings and losses, deceits or frauds. You have to learn to be alert, not to rely too much on your employers or associates, and to manage your belongings more consciously and organized. You will have to control your detached attitude and very generous respect of money. You could earn money offering different specific services, especially those related to medicine, chemistry, hidden sciences, or working in institutions such as hospitals, asylums etc. You can always count on the help of people around you who will offer support and relief. Try to avoid excessive dependence on others and learn to live on your own means. Sun in house 2 You have many ambitions and money is likely to be the main objective of your life. This position promises big earnings, but you could also incur expenses of the same or greater proportion. You earn money through your own authority, directing others, occupying political or high positions, or in activities related to the world of men. Mercury in house 2 You are oriented toward the world of business, but you could also do well in writing, teaching, traveling or working in fields of communication such as radio, newspaper,

television, or advertising. You may have more than one occupation. It is imperative for you to reach a good academic and cultural level, because your income depends to a large extent on the utilization of your intelligence. Venus in house 2 You have the ability to obtain money, are likely to be prosperous and quite lucky. Social status and luxuries are important to you and you probably will spend a lot of money on pleasures. You have the ability to charm others and this enables you to work well with the public, in cultural activities, in arts or any career that caters to women and beauty. Ruler of house 2 in 9 Your income depends to a large extent on the relationship you may have with other countries. You can earn money in foreign trade, import and export, travel, tourism, or a liberal profession, science, philosophy or religion, or teaching in a university. Work in relation to your employment: Cancer in house 6 Your work in relationship to your employment will be expressed by your sensibility, intuition and ability to understand the needs of others. Though you are very restless and continuously seek changes, in your occupational area you have a need for security and continuity. If there are no other

challenging astrological aspects, you will have an affectionate and warm atmosphere among your co-workers. There is a possibility of working with your parents or in some family business at some time in your life. Chapter 5 Your creativity and recreational activities. Other skills and hobbies. Hobbies are also part of our personality and through them, we express to a great extent our creative ability. It is important to enjoy our leisure activities and to complement them with our work or profession to reach greater balance. In our culture, we tend to place importance only on that which brings us money, thereby neglecting the expression of important parts of our personality. Your creativity: Gemini in house 5 Your favorite recreational activities will be those that stimulate your communication, intelligence, curiosity and exchange of ideas. You are interested in reading, studying, listening to music, participating in groups with mutual interests, learning languages and you also enjoy practicing some type of sport or physical activity that helps you to discharge tensions accumulated during the day. Your creativity is stimulated by verbal discussions, solving crossword puzzles or riddles and taking trips. Don't neglect your physical activities, as you need to balance your mental energy with

the physical. Chapter 6 Your vocation, profession, probability of success and social recognition. Sagittarius in house 10 Your destiny is bound up with traveling and foreign countries. You are likely to travel a lot for business reasons, or may reside in a different place from the one where you were born. You are restless and will probably be involved in two activities at once: one which will provide financial stability and another which will give you pleasure. If you have artistic tendencies, they will probably be expressed through photograph, movies or videos, or any other medium in which shape and movement are the main elements. You also have a strong philosophical and religious view of life; you serve your religion with a missionary zeal. You tend to follow some conventional thought or an ideology and want to teach it to others. Your free spirit loves nature in every manifestation, which is why traveling will revitalize you. When you get older and will be looking for more stability and rest, you may be interested in life in the country and breeding animals. Everything you do will have a touch of luck that will make life easier for you. Your career choice could be one of the following professions: tourism, diplomacy, foreign trade, photography, movies, journalism, psychology, priesthood, philosophy, grammar, law, high school or

college professor, or any other profession that stimulates your curiosity and communication. Ruler of house 10 in 3 Your professional success is related to some form of self- expression. You feel a need to communicate and to express your own ideas through the profession you choose. Your career may necessitate a lot of traveling or you may publish notes or articles. Chapter 7 Summary. Your unique talents. Each of us is born with a unique talent, and our function in life is to express it. Following are descriptions of the principal astrological influences that form your unique abilities. Although some probable professions are listed, your true vocation is a combination of all these elements. After reading these paragraphs, reflect on them and let your intuition help you to find your own synthesis. Your individuality: Sun in Aries You were born to lead others, to provide initiatives to the world, to defend just causes

and the people you love. Your mission is to open new roads, to create enterprises, to show audacity, to expose your ideas and to develop confidence in yourself. Professions ruled by Aries: the military, policemen, firemen, mechanics, occupations linked to metals or machines, surgeons, dentists, managers, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, car salesmen, weapon manufacturers, carpenters, and all independent activities that require action, initiative and authority. Your personality: Ascendant in Aquarius The profession you choose will have to stimulate your curiosity and creativity, and your desire to increase your knowledge a little more each day. Avoid routine, conventional, boring, solitary projects or those that limit your personal freedom. Your emotional needs: Moon in Taurus Your job will have to satisfy your emotional need to find stability, harmony, continuity and future security; it will have to give you the possibility to show your degree of productivity and artistic expression. Sagittarius in house 10 Your career choice could be one of the following professions: tourism, diplomacy, foreign trade, photograph, movies, journalism, psychology, priesthood, philosophy,

grammar, law, high school or college professor etc., or any other profession that stimulate your curiosity and communication. You would be successful in any profession where you could express your helpful and humanitarian spirit. ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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