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Information about Grunt and Bower

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: georgemaggessy



Grunt and Bower - Basics

<Insert Picture Here> JavaScript Build Process

Topics • • 2 Grunt Bower Oracle Restricted and Confidential


Grunt • • Is an npm module: “npm install –g grunt-cli” • Installing grunt-cli does not install the Grunt task runner. • 4 JavaScript Task Runner. Analogous to ANT. Grunt CLI only runs the version of Grunt which has been installed next to a Gruntfile. This allows multiple versions of Grunt to be installed on the same machine simultaneously. Oracle Restricted and Confidential

Grunt • Basic Grunt Project setup • • 5 package.json: Used by npm to store metadata for. You will list grunt and the Grunt plugins as devDependencies in this file. Gruntfile: This file is named Gruntfile.js and is used to configure or define tasks and load Grunt plugins. Oracle Restricted and Confidential

<Insert Picture Here> GRUNT DEMO


Bower • • Also an npm module: “npm install –g bower” • Bower registry: • 8 Package manager for web apps. To configure an existing project, add bower.json to the root folder. Oracle Restricted and Confidential

Bower Where <package> can be any one of the following: • • Git endpoint: remote or local. • A shorthand endpoint, e.g., someone/some-package (defaults to GitHub). • 9 Registered package, e.g, jquery. A URL to a file, including zip and tar files Oracle Restricted and Confidential

<Insert Picture Here> BOWER DEMO

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