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Information about Growth & Development - 1-2 years

Published on September 24, 2015

Author: healthskool


1. My Child 1-2 years

2. Activities Speech Understanding After a baby's first birthday, the rate of growth begins to slow down. The baby is now a toddler and is very active. Your life is full of excitement as you keep noticing new activities and development almost every day during this period. While toddlers may progress at different rates, the following are some of the common milestones your baby may reach in this age group:

3. Activities • Walks alone by 15 months then start running. • Make awkward attempt at jumping. •Can squat, and then stand again. •Begins to throw and kick ball and other stuff. •Tries to turn doorknobs and some able to do that. •At 2 begins to ride tricycle. •Plays well with push and pull toys. •Developed grip of thumb and fingers. •Sits down on small stool or chair •Climbs stairs with support. • Dances with music •Can build towers out of blocks •Puts two- to three-piece puzzles together •Scribbles with crayon or pencil and may imitate drawing a straight line or circle •Can feed self with fingers •Drinks well from cup •First molar (back) teeth appear •Takes one afternoon nap and sleep for 10 -12 hours at night.

4. Speech • Speech is clearer and can be understood by others • Should be able to say about 500 to 900 words • Speaks in two or three word sentences and progresses to four to five word sentences • Can remember simple rhymes or lyrics • Uses "please" and "thank you" • Refers to self by using own name • Names colours and objects.

5. Understanding • Understands size differences (such as, big and little) • Understands long sentences • Understands prepositions (on, under, behind) • Very curious asks "why" constantly • Says full name and age • May have fears of certain things. • Remembers certain events • Begins to share and likes to play with other children • temper tantrums are less frequent • Begins to show feelings in socially acceptable ways

6. Dr. Peddi’s tips for your baby's development and emotional security • Encourage child to talk to you by spending time with him/her. • Encourage play with other children. • Make your child independent by letting him or her do as much as possible for himself or herself when getting dressed, brushing teeth, and combing hair. • Encourage your child to do role play like be mom, or a doctor. Provide accessories to do that. • Sing songs or nursery rhymes and teach your child the words. • Let your child build things out of blocks or boxes. • Practice counting with your child. • Put puzzles together with your child. • Play hide and seek • Display your child’s artwork of clay dough or blocks. • Teach your child colours. • Play outdoor games with your child like soccer, cricket etc

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