Growing Your Stewardship Program — Going Beyond Just Saying Thank You

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Information about Growing Your Stewardship Program — Going Beyond Just Saying Thank You

Published on June 21, 2016

Author: Aplos


1. Growing Your Stewardship Program — Going Beyond Just Saying Thank You Daniel Kimball Product Specialist at Aplos Software

2. Daniel Kimball Dan Kimball is a seasoned fundraiser with twenty years of experience in strategic fund development and nonprofit management. He’s currently developing Aplos’ Donor Management Platform to help nonprofits connect with (and cultivate!) their donor base. “Fundraising is a relationship business.” Twitter: @fugativedmk @aplos_webinar #Aploswebinar

3. During this webinar we will discuss ▸ Discuss the importance of Donor Stewardship in your fundraising program ▸ How donor stewardship can help your organization build lifelong relationships with supporters and donors. ▸ Highlight some best practices in donor stewardship and provided helpful examples of how other organizations recognize donors and their contributions beyond the simple, but mandatory, "Thank You." ▸ Finally we will look at how a strong stewardship program can grow your fundraising efforts. #Aploswebinar

4. Introduction Stewardship is at the core of a great fundraising strategy. It is what shows donors that the organization they’ve entrusted their money to is appreciative of the gift, has used it wisely and that they’ve had an impact on the cause. Unfortunately many nonprofit lose donors over time or donors do not increase giving because donor stewardship is not a priority or gets lost in the hustle and bustle of running a nonprofit. #Aploswebinar

5. Donor Stewardship and the Fundraising Pyramid #Aploswebinar

6. Is it a Pyramid or a Funnel? #Aploswebinar

7. #Aploswebinar Is it a Pyramid or a Funnel?

8. Fundraising Process #Aploswebinar

9. What exactly is Donor Stewardship? Stewarding a donor is what a nonprofit organization does (or should be doing) from the time of the first gift, and lasting until that donor no longer has a relationship with the organization. Stewardship vs Cultivation: Stewardship takes places after a donation where cultivating happens before a donation as you re getting to know potential donors: it is a process by which your organization develops an ever-stronger relationship with the donor, and involves constant communication to deepen the relationship. #Aploswebinar

10. What Happens When Donor Stewardship Is Not A Priority •Donors become less engaged •Donors are not sure how their $ make a difference •Donors forget about you •Donors lose trust •Donors don’t feel valued •Donors give elsewhere #Aploswebinar

11. Are you Stewarding the gift or the donor? For many years Stewardship was focuses more around the gift…Proper use of and accountability of the gift. Donor Stewardship has grown into a combination both gift stewardship and donor relations, which is the care and nurturing of both the gift and the donor. #Aploswebinar

12. Small Shop vs Large Shop Donor Stewardship Designated Donor Relations/Stewardship Positions Donor Stewardship typically involves the following: •Gift Acknowledgement Procedures-types of thank you and levels. When and how you will acknowledge gifs. •Donor Recognition: Walls, plaques, lists, etc. •Donor Events •Donor levels/clubs/ •Reporting •Engagement/Volunteer opportunities #Aploswebinar

13. Three Components Of Good Donor Stewardship The only way to truly steward your donors is to draw them into a deeper relationship with your organization. Deep relationships require a give and take, and a greater association than simply giving money. 1. Communication– You’ve got to communicate with your donors in a way that isn’t simply asking them for money. Newsletters, e-mails, videos, podcasts, websites, non-ask events, etc. are great ways to communicate with and steward your donors. #Aploswebinar

14. Three Components Of Good Donor Stewardship 2. Get Your Donors Involved– Donors tend to stay connected with organizations that engage their minds, hearts and bodies in addition to their wallets. Ask your donors to volunteer, to serve on committees, to join your board. Get them active on behalf of your organization with participatory fundraising. Get them involved. 3. Ask Them what They Think – When was the last time you asked your donors for suggestions on what you could be doing better? Have you held a donor roundtable or formed an advisory group? Call your donors and ask them for suggestions. Engage them. Show them you care what they think and respect their suggestions and concerns. #Aploswebinar

15. Create and Implement a Stewardship Plan Creating a stewardship plan to help you track what you’re doing and when is the best way to make the most of your stewardship. In fact, If you’re doing stewardship well the plan will tell you exactly when you need to have contact with donors over the course of the year. Just like a fundraising plan, creating a stewardship plan for your nonprofit will help you not only build better relationships with your donors but will help you increase loyalty and ultimately result inmate donations over time. #Aploswebinar

16. Components of a Stewardship Plan Action: Donor list review/handwritten thank you cards/thank you letters/donor events/donor appreciation items/thank you calls Audience: All donors/all donation $250+/top 25 donors/segmented groups/first time donors/long-time donors…. Responsibility: Executive Director/Board Member/ Development Director/Staff/Board Chair/ Budget/Additional Cost: Postage/food-drink-event/logo items/ Timeframe: Weekly/monthly/Bi-monthly/Annually #Aploswebinar

17. Remember That Good Donor Stewardship = Be Donor Centered It’s all about the donor, not your organization You versus we-Language that make the donor feel included and appreciated Thank, thank again and again. Report impact of their gifts. #Aploswebinar

18. Examples, Ideas and Best Practices Create a new donor welcome package. Profile donors in your communications, like the newsletter. Create a stewardship report for donors or highlight a program or service. Schedule monthly times for making thank calls. Get everyone involved! Tell stories as much as possible. #Aploswebinar

19. Examples, Ideas and Best Practices Keep updating and changing the thank you letters/communications. Get your annual report digitized and viral- to reach more of your supporters. Make a special thank you video- (you do not need to spend a ton of money) Host an appreciation event. Leverage your organization by having the events on location as much as possible. #Aploswebinar

20. Examples, Ideas and Best Practices Resolve any donor complaints and issues within 24 hours. Yes, this is not the most fun part of our job but it is at the core of being a good steward. Keep track of significant events: Birthdays, anniversaries, surgeries, life events. Genuinely make an effort to get to know your donors. Phones calls and visits are powerful. Take out an ad in the local newspaper on National Philanthropy Day to thank your community or when you get a significant gift- Also effective for major donors in memorial. #Aploswebinar

21. Examples, Ideas and Best Practices Always be thinking of new ways you acknowledge donors, and supporters on your social media channels. Think from your donor’s perspective. What’s something that might surprise them in a positive way? Make a behind the scenes video of your work in action/conduct an interview with a donor/program recipient/program director. Share photos of volunteers or work in action. Take your donors behind the scenes: Give your donors an “insider” view to help them feel more connected. Leverage Social Media to strengthen the relations with your donors. #Aploswebinar

22. A strong stewardship program can grow your fundraising efforts. #Aploswebinar Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images

23. Conclusion/ Q&A #Aploswebinar

24. About Aplos We’re the #1 solution in online donor management software for nonprofits. Fundraising is important, but you probably wish you didn't have to spend so much of your valuable time raising money. Aplos' all-in-one solution helps you raise money, track giving, and ensure your donors have a positive experience with your organization. Visit for more information. "Nonprofits all across the country are praising the software's ease of use, reasonable price, and great customer service." - NPTechNews #Aploswebinar

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