Growing Your Personal Learning Network

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Information about Growing Your Personal Learning Network

Published on March 25, 2009

Author: ddesroches



A presentation given to teacher-librarians at the Saskatchewan IT Summit, E-Merging Learning.

Supporting documentation can be found at

E-merging Learning Summit 2009 Presented by Donna DesRoches Learning Resources Consultant, Living Sky School Division

Growing your Personal Learning Network

Hanging out

Messing Around

Geeking Out

PLNs lead to learning, discovery, & sharing

PLNs are great source of support & ideas

My ‘pln’ keeps me in the loop in terms of new ideas, new technologies new books

Inspiration brainstorming & commiseration broad spectrum of perspectives understanding of library/edtech issues

I consider my PLN to be an instrumental part of my continued growth


Minutes a day






Immersion afraid leaving will mean missed opportunities

Evaluating nodes and networks.....

The more you know the more you realize you don’t know .... afraid to disconnect

Gaining Perspective

Finding the balance between Living & Learning

The best way that we can help our kids use social networks safely - ethically - effectively is to begin to do it for ourselves .... We have to create our own personal learning networks as educators and we have to understand how the networks can have a profound impact on the way that we learn. Will Richardson

The Future...

Reflection Moment How does a teacher-librarian enable a Networked Student?

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Photos: Flickr - Creative Commons Discovery drops in drops erin's journa hazel leaves Holy Geek Squad, Batman! Jax reads the newspaper online looking to the future Loop the loop. mar13 NetworkedTeacher On the platform, reading Pathway to Hope Places to Go Raine on Her Mac Scaolding Guys Stages of PLN adoption Tags technicolor leap TypicalTeacherNetwork WHY?

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