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Social Media

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: mikeging



Wanting to use Social Media strategically in your business?
• Trying to determine what social networks to be on?
• Having trouble keeping up with the latest social media marketing methods and networks?
All this and a strategic plan overview for how social media can be used by your business to grow leads and sales!
These slides are from a workshop presented by Mike Gingerich to help solo-preneurs, small businesses and marketing teams from larger businesses understand how they can use social media as part of their overall integrated marketing plan to increase their web presence, reach new customers, and nurture new leads to become clients.

This presentation will help businesses answer the following questions:
What social networks should our business focus on?
How can we not just spend time, but gain real leads via social media?
How can our team manage social efficiently on limited time?
What trends for 2014 in social media do we need to be aware of?
How does social media fit in our overall marketing plan?
How do I capture leads from social media?

Growing LEADS and SALES with SOCIAL MEDIA • Web Design • Digital & Social Marketing • App Development Digital Hill Multimedia 574-537-0703

Where we’re going: • • • • • Where to Engage How to Engage Sales Funnel Strategy Specific Tips Next Doable Steps

When we’re done: • • • • A Plan to Evaluate Social Networks Concept of the 3 Parts of the Funnel Strategy for Social Engagement Tips on Measuring & Posting • Clarity on next steps to LIGHT IT UP

Housekeeping • Slides  Yes. • PDF Download, and more! • Link below to be emailed • Q&A

Setting Expectations • More “work the process” than fast break

Setting Expectations • Due to the volume, we are not covering any one tool totally in depth. This is strategy planning.

At 11:30… • My aim…….You’re ready to Fist Bump!

Foundation #1 Social = 2 Way Street • Automation, yes, there are efficiencies • But there is ongoing regular work with social media.

Foundation #2: Content is fire Social Media is Gasoline. - Jay Baer, Youtility

Foundation #3: Social Selling is building relationships, that convert to business.

Foundation #4: People use the Internet for 2 reasons…

Foundation #4: People use the Internet for 2 reasons… To find a solution to a problem… or to be entertained. - Jay Baer, Youtility

2013 Social Proof: •72% of all internet users are active on SM •18-29 year olds have an 89% usage •The 30-49 bracket sits at 72% •60% of 50 - 60 year olds are active View more at

Where to Engage? ?

The Networks: Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest YouTube LinkedIn Vine Instagram


Answer these: Who is your Target(s)? Where do they spend time online? What appeals to them? Worksheet here >>

B2C Target: Women account for __% of all consumer purchases. 55% 65% 72% 85% Women are the majority influencer in major purchases like homes __% 58% 65% 88% 91%

B2B Target: Data from “top performing org’s” in B2B on “effectiveness of Social for driving leads”

The Quick:

The Quick: YouTube - 2nd most used search engine LinkedIn –Professional SM / B2B King Vine – Twitter’s 6 second video tool Instagram – Growing by leaps. Photos and video. Huge with 13-29 yr old Other: Slideshare, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, SnapChat, Reddit

Facebook: Every demographic! 1M websites use “Sign in w/ Facebook” 23% Login 5x per day 47% of U.S. say Facebook is #1 purchase influencer

Facebook: 70%+ access via a mobile device Huge for B2C; 77%; B2B a bit less, 41% Ads: Great method to reach target Groups – Another option to build loyalty.

Twitter: •140 character micro-blogging, news source, conversation starter, traffic driver • Fastest growth is 55-64 age bracket • 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads • Tweets: Hashtags & Images Matter

Twitter: • Mobile dominated • Twitter Engagement up 17% on weekends (Buffer App Tip) • For links, 120-130 characters is best RT • Ad system just rolling out

G+: • By Google. For Google. Powerful. • Tied to YouTube, Gmail, and definitely impacts search results. • Hangouts on Air – free webinar tool • Growing. One to watch. Less noise.

G+: • 45-56 year old is top growth • Company, Personal Pages, & Communities

Pinterest: Traffic - #2 Source of Social Traffic Rich Pins – Product, Place, Article, Recipe and Movie types. Product Pins include real time pricing, availability, and where to buy. Pinners also get notifications when product Pins they’ve added drop in price. Videos and Slides…. Gif’s just added


LinkedIn: • • • • • • • 172k new / day Profile is key Updates = Method Company Pages Groups Connect / Research Target Ads option

Instagram: Growing Massively – One to watch Owned by Facebook Photos and 15 Second videos Stories via Imagery: Products/Experiences Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Gary V.

Instagram: TIP: Share images quickly to multiple social networks via Instagram! To: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr all at once.

Part deux: How to Engage?

How to Engage? In Social, competition is DIFFERENT

The Funnel: 3 Main Parts 50% 1.Top of Funnel Content – Attracting & Engaging

Top: Where: Website, blog, in social media, and email. Types: How to, Product info. Go beyond. Life, People, Story, Community. Entertain. Educate. Experience Goal: Expand your Audience Digital Hill Multimedia 574-537-0703

Attract & Engage: 50%

Attract B2B

Attraction is NOT:

Tip: IMAGES get the most engagement • Style is social • Uses an Image • Images are fun • Not over-the-top selling • Tells a story • Entices interaction

Mid-Funnel: 30% Content that offers resources with intent to gain LEAD CAPTURE.

Mid-Funnel is: Focus: Fan to Lead, Unknown to on Email List

Mid: Goal: Unknown to known [Name & email] Offer Clear incentive to sign-up email. Focus: Fan to Lead, Unknown to on Email List

Capture: Good start, but….

Mid: Incentivize the Email List Sign-up! -A Coupon -A How To

Mid: PROMOTION IDEAS: B2C: • Coupon Code • Printable Deal • Contests B2B: • eBook • Webinar • Video • Event

Mid: Incentivize the Email Sign-up! -A Report Offers Help Not a Pitch

Mid: Nurture Email Series Example: • Use Auto-responder service • Setup once, then drip over 7-10 days or more.

Mid: Nurture Email Series Example: - Drip series should be tied to the sign-up. (Meaning the content is connected.) - Offer value, education, help, information - Share stories of ROI, Transformation - Intent is to build loyalty, confidence

Mid: Nurture Email Series Example: • In a 7-10 day time period you could do 1 at sign-up, a day later, then 3, 5, 7, & 10 days. • Make a specific incentive offer on day 10, • Or a next step deeper in the relationship

Bottom Funnel: 20% – Specific offers and Sales opportunities – Demonstrate ROI, remove Final barriers & questions

Bottom Funnel: – Self-use ROI calculator

Bottom: Intent: Offer a time specific offer to a specific niche! Campaign offer works best if targeted for a specific audience.

Niche Tip: “Bombarding shoppers with irrelevant, one-size-fits-all messaging and offers will be the death of retailers this Valentine’s Day. ” Daniel Toubian, principal consultant for U.S. retail and consumer brands at Maxymiser.

Bottom: Measure: KPI’s Key Performance Indicators Traffic increase? Facebook Reach Insights? Email Sign-up Growth? Offers acted upon?

Bottom: Measure: Google Analytics Social Rpt Visits by Social Channel Facebook 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest YouTube Google+

Bottom: Measure: Sign-ups

Bottom: Measure: • Identify a few key metrics • Setup Methods to review • Do not get Analysis Paralysis!

Final Tips: Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest YouTube LinkedIn Vine Instagram

Tip: You’re Website / Blog must be socially friendly for visitors

Tip: Find Pinners Socialize Use this to find pins From your site on Pinterest

Leverage… what you got! One Image on Blog that is 600 x 600: -Share to Facebook -To Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, & LinkedIn -Take a pic and add to Instagram -Explain it in a short Video (YouTube/Instagram) - Highlight it in a email campaign

Tip: Smart Phone is your Friend Apps: FB Page Manager, Hootsuite, Buffer, Instagram Pinterest •Take pics & videos on the go • Use Aviary App to add text to your photos to add value • Use Buffer to schedule to multiple social Media networks efficiently • Monitor and Respond to Comments, RT’s, Pins, Likes

Tip: Find Best Times to Post Per SN

Attraction Tip: Create once, use multiple places Blog post – 1. share on social, 2. share again with different quotes. 3. Share pics. Video – Create on Instagram, Load to YouTube, Facebook and embed on site Photos – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc.

Your Mix: Attract & Engage 50% Capture Leads 30% Offers 20%

Test. Review. Modify.

“Work the process”

What’s your Key “To Do’s”? 1. 2. 3. THANK YOU!

Growing LEADS and SALES with SOCIAL MEDIA Mike Gingerich @Mike_Gingerich

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