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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: Tapstream



Learn how to grow your mobile app.

Lessons from Kamo Asatryan- founder or LOLApps and Revsmirk.

Learn about Ad Networks, User Acquisition, Mobile Growth.

Grow your App With Kamo from

Our Host: Mack BD at Tapstream Master Mobile Debaters #UAisHard App Marketing Daily #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

Our Guest: Kamo Founded LOLApps Led growth team to 100mm MAU Merged with 6Waves Runs Revsmirk Can play chess without a board #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

The Revsmirk Process What is the one metric you want to grow? #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

The RevSmirk Process The Components of Revenue Revenue = installs * [signups / installs] * [purchasers / signups] * [purchases / purchaser] * [Revenue / purchases] #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

The Revsmirk Process Prioritize traffic sources based on revenue. #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

The Revsmirk Process Are you REALLY ready for more traffic? Best User Thesis Establish Components Baseline #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

The Revsmirk Process Expand. Do not Deviate. #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

The Revsmirk Process Ask the hard questions. #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

The Revsmirk Process What are the targeting capabilities of your network? How do you determine the targeting parameters? Is it 1st party data? Do you infer them from a statistical model? Where do the ad units show up? Ask for screenshots - this is really important. How much traffic do you drive for your biggest advertiser on avg. per week, month, etc. What do the most effective ads look like? Ask for examples they can send you. What can I expect in terms of cost and conversion rate based on other advertisers with a similar audience/product? #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

Webinar Format 10 Questions about the past, present and future of app marketing. #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

Alphabet Soup #UAisHard @tapstreamapp RTB DSP SSP Exchanges

Top 3 Metrics #UAisHard @tapstreamapp If you can only track three metrics?

Mobile Web Do you like mobile web traffic? #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

Apple / Google Which is better for growth? #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

Zombie Networks Which is better for growth? #UAisHard @tapstreamapp Where to NOT spend your UA $$$

Super Networks #UAisHard @tapstreamapp Who can you trust?

Facebook Facebook Ad Network- is this a really, really big deal? #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

Google WTF happened to Google and app installs? #UAisHard @tapstreamapp

#UAisHard || @TapstreamApp || @Kamobit || Thanks for joining us! Thanks for joining us!

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