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Published on March 17, 2018

Author: DezRose


Amazon Web Services : Amazon Web Services Group 6: Anthony Calabrese, Deserea Lindsay, Jane Sieg, Megan Thompson March 8, 2018 Company Background: Company Background Founded by Jeff Bezos in Seattle, Washington in the year 1995. Started as an online bookstore before becoming the Earth’s largest online retailer Our chosen Amazon product is Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS is an online cloud computing network It has grown to compete with large technology providers and continues to grow BCG: BCG AWS currently sits with the stars Currently has largest market share in cloud computing Biggest competitor is Microsoft Microsoft only has 20% of the cloud computing sales Amazon has Many companies are incorporating cloud computing, leaving AWS with more room to grow SWOT: SWOT Strengths Largest online retailer Amazon Kindle Product Expansion Weaknesses Patent Infringement Issues Recurrent Outages of Amazon's Web Hosting Recurrent Outages of Cloud Computing Servers Opportunities International expansion of the brand. Expansion into automation Expansion into grocery Threats Increased regulations with increased growth Collection of sales tax Focus on growth makes breaking antitrust laws tempting Market Segmentation: Market Segmentation Key targets Cloud Services Market Product Life Cycle Currently in growth phase -2006 Official Relaunch -2010 moves under the AWS umbrella -2017 AWS finishes year with $18 billion in revenue Consumer Adoption Cycle Early Adopters Young urban respondent (highly educated, young, large social influence) Early Majority Average (less social influence Competitive Landscape: Competitive Landscape Key competitors Microsoft Azure 10% IBM Cloud 2.77% Google Cloud 3.95% Product/ Brand Positioning : Product/ Brand Positioning AWS Competition : Microsoft Azure Google Cloud IBM Cloud Pricing Strategy: Pricing Strategy AWS Pricing Everyday Low Prices Pay-as-you-go Pricing Full year options for additional discounts No contracts Free year trial available Microsoft Cloud Pricing Flexible Pricing Pay by the hour (pay-as-you-go) Pricing varies based on software requirements Trial Prices Channel Strategy : Channel Strategy AWS Products are scalable software and hardware solutions hosted by Amazon servers. The AWS marketing plan is primarily targeting larger customers such as government organizations. Marketing utilizes the Amazon Partner Network (APN) to refer large customers to partners. Secondary Market includes direct sales through the AWS website. Free services available for training and small business to assist in market penetration. Promotion Strategy (IMC mix): Promotion Strategy (IMC mix) Pull tactics Consistent message and design Cohesive marketing elements (Mohan, 2016) Wrap Up : Wrap Up BCG SWOT Market Segmentation Competitive Landscape Product/ Brand Positioning Pricing Strategy Channel Strategy IMC Mix

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