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Published on January 1, 2008

Author: Kiska


Communicating Effectively:  Communicating Effectively A Guide to Building Healthy Relationships Chapter 11 Today’s Presentation::  Today’s Presentation: Presented by: Barika Bridges Erika Everett William Pokorny Raque’l Smith Lindsay West Today’s Target Audience is Young Men Ages 18-25 Listening vs. Hearing:  Listening vs. Hearing Listening: Clarifying what the person is saying and asking how he/she feels. Ask questions to understand more fully what is being said. Hearing: The average listener correctly understands and properly retains only 30% of what he or she hears. The Role of Communication:  The Role of Communication Communication is: An essential component of any relationship Vital for relationship maintenance A Difficult skill to master Can lead to conflict Can also lead to stronger relationships Men and Communication:  Men and Communication Most men lack adequate communication skills Exposed at an early age to society’s masculine image Encourages men to “hide” emotions Unable to “open up,” due to the risk of corrupting the “macho” image Men and Communication:  Men and Communication Such an ego results in: Lacking the skills necessary to communicate effectively Lacking the skills necessary to successfully understand non-verbal messages Lacking the skills necessary to successfully interpret non-verbal messages Men and Communication:  Men and Communication Is employed by sending messages that are interpreted correctly, and correctly interpreting messages that you receive How To Effectively Communicate:  How To Effectively Communicate Maintain Realistic Expectations Try not to project a tough/superior image Avoid Prejudice What Not To Do…:  What Not To Do… What Not To Do…..:  What Not To Do….. Communicative barriers you might encounter: Antagonistic messages Jumping to conclusions Not paying attention i.e. thinking to yourself while someone is talking Group Activity #1:  Group Activity #1 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Love Belongingness Safety Security Value Recognition “Agree to Disagree”:  “Agree to Disagree” It is sometimes difficult to reach agreement during a conversation Give your partner time to speak Use “I” messages Negative consequences: Blame Take it personally Stick to the subject Keep a friendly tone Group Activity #2:  Group Activity #2 Verbal Messages:  Verbal Messages Face-to-Face interactions Telephone calls E-mail Letters Poetry Cards Etc. Non-Verbal Messages:  Non-Verbal Messages Gestures: Shaking your head Shrugging your shoulders Turning your back Sucking your teeth Non-Verbal Messages:  Non-Verbal Messages Facial expressions: Disappointment Surprised Raised eyebrows Confusion Non-Verbal Messages:  Non-Verbal Messages Behaviors Isolation Negligence Denial Group Activity #3:  Group Activity #3 Suitable Situations:  Suitable Situations Effective communication can be applied: On deciding where to go on a date On getting to know your partners likes and dislikes On allowing your partner to maintain friendships with people of the opposite sex Suitable Situations:  Suitable Situations Effective communication can be applied: To talk to express what you expect of your partner and vice versa When discussing sexual history and beliefs of contraceptives Group Activity #4:  Group Activity #4 Discussion….:  Discussion…. Any Questions?

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