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Published on March 16, 2014

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Standard Operating Procedures: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Group 5: John Sowers, Kimberly VanZandt Yao Yao, Victor Figueroa, Yuxuan Zou 1

What is a SOP? SOP’s are written set of instructions that document a routine or repetitive activity followed by an organization. They address all requirements to perform procedures safely and consistently. SOPs need to be reviewed and re- enforced by management. 2

Company Policy vs. SOP 3 The main difference is the details. SOPs communicate: Who will perform the job, What items are needed, Where the job will take place, When the job should be performed, and How the person should carry out the job.

SOP Components 4 SOPs must address: Process Identification Controls Equipment Checks Potentially Hazardous Situations Waste Management Any Requirements for Obtaining Authorization The date of the last time the document was updated.

The Purpose of SOPs They document the way activities are to be performed to maintain consistency with technical operations and to support data quality. They describe the analytical processes, and processes for maintaining, calibrating, and using equipment. SOP’s maintain quality control and quality assurance processes and ensure compliance with governmental regulations. SOPs are usually specific to the organization or facility SOPs can be used as training tools as well as guidelines for performance evaluations. 5

A “GOOD” Standard Operating Procedure  Should provide all the information necessary to perform a task  Is usually specific to the equipment used for the procedure  Should be detailed  Should “stand alone”  Should provide quality control information  Should provide references 6 . Source: adapted from the International Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf standard operating procedure manual Iced Cappuccino SOP

SOP Implementation Have available for employees to review Conduct an employee in-service to present the information; post one set in a common area Use to train new employees Use them for corrective action training for all employees Incorporate into written Job description and performance reviews so there is alignment Review and update as needed (i.e new equipment item or employee jot changes); at minimum review actually 7

History of SOP Henry Maudslay ---helped spread standards amongst industries in the1800’s with first industrial practical screw-cutting lathe Allowed for the standardization of screw thread sizes for the first time ever Accomplished a modest amount of industry standardization. The differences in standards between companies was making trade increasingly difficult by the end of 19th century First national standards body the Engineering Standards Committee was established in London in early 20th century 8

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Founded in 1946 World’s largest voluntary International Standards developer Published over 19,500 standards that covers about every aspect in technology and business Their standards cover: healthcare, agriculture, food safety, and computers Created an international organization that would “facilitate the international coordination and unification of industrial standards” ( 9

Case Study Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) CBTL is known for its Original Ice Blended drinks, hot and cold tea drinks and hot coffee drinks. They also sells a variety of whole bean coffees, whole leaf teas, flavored powders, and baked goods. The standard operating procedure accomplishes: a standard for all employees to follow and comply with. (CBTL) has standard operating procedures for everything from drink making, equipment maintenance, and general cleaning tasks. 10

Case Study Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) 11 SOPs are important to CBTL, they ensures that a customer can order a drink at different location and receive the exact same product. The ingredients of coffee must be exactly the same  The barista must also texturize the foam so that is has a thick consistency.  Each cafe latte is made with exactly ½ in of foam The procedure must be consistency  The lid needs to be placed on the cup with the sipper hole opposite the seam in order to avoid hot liquid spilling on the customer.

Café Latte SOP in action 12

Case Study Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) The grinders SOP along with this chart must be followed to be sure no waste is created during the grinding process. Steps may seem simple and self- evident but are all important in well- written SOPs. 13 This chart illustrates modes of the Ditting Grinder. It is located within the grinders SOP.

Case Study Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) SOP and related management in CBTL: Supervisors and general manager ensure SOPs are followed on a daily basis by barista. CBTL SOPs provides the basis for management to initiate corrective action against employees who do not properly observe them. The proper equipment is available to all employees, so they can follow SOPs accordingly. • Non-working thermometer: steamed milk too hot or cold. • No available shot glasses barista can not follow SOPs properly. 14

SOP Benefits The development and use of SOPs minimizes variation and promotes quality through consistent implementation of a process or procedure within the organization, even if there are temporary or permanent personal changes SOPs can indicate compliance with organizational and governmental requirements and can be used as a part of a personnel training program, since they should provide detailed work instructions. 15

SOP Benefits It minimizes opportunities for miscommunication and can address safety concerns. SOPs are frequently used as checklists by inspectors when auditing procedures. Ultimately, the benefits of a valid SOP are reduced waste, significant performance improvements, along with improved comparability, credibility, and legal defensibility. 16

SOP Creation Guide 17

Quality Assurance is the responsibility of…… 18

Works Cited Henry Maudslay," Merriam-Webster's Biographical Dictionary, (February 7, 2001).  Nasmyth, James, The Autobiography of James Nasmyth, (February 7, 2001)   final.pdf 19

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