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Published on March 8, 2014

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MARKETING MANAGEMENT-II GREEN MARKETING: MARKETING MANAGEMENT-II GREEN MARKETING Submitted By: Nitin singhal (127) Tapasya Gupta(128) Rupish Saldi (129) Saurabh Ahuja (130) Akhil Jain(131) Himanshu gupta (132) What is Green Marketing: What is Green Marketing Green or Environmental Marketing consists of all activities designed to satisfy human needs or wants, such that the satisfaction of these needs and wants occurs, with minimal detrimental impact on the natural environment. Green Marketing incorporates a broad range of activities: including product modification changes to the production process packaging changes modifying advertising. Green/ Environmental Products: Green/ Environmental Products Although no consumer product has a zero impact on the environment, in business, the terms “green product” and “environmental product” are used commonly to describe those protect or enhance the natural environment by conserving energy and/or resources and reducing or eliminating use of toxic agents, pollution, and waste. Greener products need to dramatically increase the productivity of natural resources, follow biological/ cyclical production models, encourage dematerialization, and reinvest in and contribute to the planet’s “natural” capital. WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: WHY IT IS IMPORTANT Importance of Green Marketing has been increased in recent years. Green Marketing relies on the basic definition of ECONOMICS. The world is moving towards an environmental turmoil. The only way to save our planet is to GO GREEN on a full swing as quickly as possible . BENEFITS OF GREEN MARKETING: BENEFITS OF GREEN MARKETING PowerPoint Presentation: This is the symbol used to denote Recyclable items . WHY ARE FIRMS USING GREEN MARKETING : WHY ARE FIRMS USING GREEN MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES: - Firms marketing goods with environmental characteristics will have a competitive advantage over firms marketing non-environmentally responsible alternatives . SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:- Many firms realize that they are members of the wider community and must behave in an environmentally responsible fashion . GOVERNMENTAL PRESSURE:- With all marketing related activities, governments want to "protect" consumers and society . PowerPoint Presentation: COMPETETIVE PRESSURE:- Competitive pressure has caused an entire industry to modify and thus reduce its detrimental environmental behavior . COST OR PROFIT ISSUES:- Firms may also use green marketing in an attempt to address cost or profit related issues. DELHI’S CNG AUTO RICKSHAW: DELHI’S CNG AUTO RICKSHAW Some Problems with “Going Green”:  Some Problems with “Going Green” Activities are not misleading to consumers or industry Any regulations/laws dealing with environmental marketing is not breached Examples: McDonald’s Aerosol industry switched from CFCs to HFCs only to be told HFCs are also a greenhouse gas PowerPoint Presentation: E nvironmentally responsible organizations need to minimize their waste, rather than find "appropriate" uses for it Potential new categories should combine green with another strong attribute Green  + convenience  - With our busy lives, convenience is sought out Green  + highest performance  - You may want to spend even more to make your green product the premium category Green  + costs savings  - Consumers like to save money. Energy saving products made inroads Green  + feel-good  - Most consumers are not just self-centered. They want to put some green into their life, if easy Practical examples of Green Marketing : Practical examples of Green M arketing Suzuki Motorcycles Bharti Airtel IBM India PepsiCo India Suzuki Motorcycles: : Suzuki Motorcycles : Priority given to the cleanliness of the environment at Suzuki Motorcycles New environmental measures adopted by Suzuki Lighting and material used by Suzuki Environmental measures taken for the benefit of the employees :  PowerPoint Presentation:  Green Marketing by PepsiCo PowerPoint Presentation: P epsi launched its Ecogreen bottle which is made from 100% recycled plastic. The positive water balance initiative – started by Pepsi in 2009. Pepsi in collaboration with Exnora , an environmental NGO has taken the initiative of handling and reducing solid waste management efficiently . Pepsi in partnership with TERI deals with issues that mankind is facing with respect to depletion of energy and resources Green Initiatives by IBM : Green Initiatives by IBM Smarter buildings: Integrated energy and facilities operations. Green data centres : A holistic approach to energy management. Sustainability solutions : The new environment of business. Sustainability is no longer an option. Sustainability is an imperative. Bharti Airtel : Bharti Airtel Initiatives taken towards building a better and greener environment : Generate e-bills which support the cause “Save Paper”. As part of its commitment to the green field project, the company plans to set up a world-class “ Agri Research Center” and a “Model Farm” in Punjab in the first phase. Agri research center will primarily carry out research on hybrid seeds and agro farming techniques . Strategies of Green Marketing: Strategies of Green Marketing Use Sustainable Sources of Raw Material Source-Reduce Products and Packaging Use Recycled Content Make Products Energy Efficient Maximize Consumer and Environmental Safety Make Products More Durable PowerPoint Presentation: G reen Marketing Opportunities Many CEOs started appreciating Green Marketing E nvironment responsibility related to High profits Huge opportunities to boost their corporate environment image. PowerPoint Presentation: More Profits Turn eco-friendly and earn more profits. Chemical industries, power generation companies etc maintaining high standards Energy efficient machines reducing operational costs and increasing profits If marketed well, million dollar investments can give billion dollar returns. E g Interface saved more than billion dollars by energy efficient machines and maintaining high standards) PowerPoint Presentation: Competitive Advantage Marketers know that first on the shelf of “eco friendly” provides a competitive advantage. Aggressive marketers capture minds of customers using their eco-friendly products. Companies capturing/working with green companies to get such products on their list Eg . Earth’s best baby food by Heinz EarthRite (Reckitt and Colman) Murphy’s Oil Soap(Colgate- Palmotive ) PowerPoint Presentation: Increased Market Share No brand loyalty at high competition. Green marketing breaking ties at the shelf. Human nature to at least do their “bit”- exploited by marketers Eg P&G, McD an Compaq Any bottle of tide would show how it is “Phosphate free” and good for environment. Porter Novelli found that consumers were five times more apt to believe that a company’s record on environment friendly is more important. PowerPoint Presentation: Better Quality Perception that eco friendly product is better. Eg - Water saving showerheads slash bills, non toxic garden product are safer for kids and hence of better quality. Primary benefits of performance, convenience, price and safety PowerPoint Presentation: Conclusions Effective green marketing requires applying good marketing principles to make them desirable. Sustainability to dominate 21 st century commerce. Energy efficient products helps to reduce operational costs when energy prices are rising, population is growing and resource consumption is increasing. Climate change is affecting human race. If consumers see energy efficient products as desirable, need to increase in market forcing producers to go green. Teaming up with corporate environment stakeholders to create optimal solutions to pressing environmental problems. Green leaders to be patient and persevere. PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU

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