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Published on December 1, 2008

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Nuer : Nuer Marriage Marriage : Marriage Marriage is Key to the Nuer community. It is seen as the gauge of both masculinity and femininity, the end goal of a man sex life. Security for a woman. When Nuer speak of marriage they speak of owning a home as this is of importance to them From a very young age both sexes learn the roles which will be expected of them in adulthood within the Marriage. Female – Child up bringing and domestic up keep of the household. Women not expected to be virgins when they marry. Male – War, house building village loyalties, Clan loyalties. Marriage part two : Marriage part two Men within the nuer are expected to go through a courtship process, before marriage. Sex before marriage is cultural accepted, some times many times. There is normally a long standing relationship between the bride to be and the groom. Marriage within the Nuer is brought about by the payment of bride wealth. This may be money or sale of cattle and certain ceremonial rites. These will be spoken about by families and used as bargaining tools. Chief ceremonies of MarriageLarcieng : Chief ceremonies of MarriageLarcieng Larcieng –Betrothal – almost an engagement- the marriage is formally agreed upon by both families. Cattle will be given to the brides family as further understanding. Not always necessary to complete this part id often missed out if groom is rich. Ceremony is held in brides home. After morning work is done Grooms party arrive in war formation & as sign of respect chant war songs outside of huts. Ceremonial use of animals shows importance, as blessing for couple. Groom uses them as good wishes to in laws. They also form main meal for the party. Speeches by both Fathers ( some things are the same the world over) Very much a party with the formalities only beginning at midnight. And only lasting for a short time. Chief ceremonies of Marriage Ngut : Chief ceremonies of Marriage Ngut Wedding takes place some weeks later. Bride groom will not be alone with bride untill then. Both sides don’t want delay for ecomic as well as romatic reasons. I.e brides family want cattle. Wedding in home of bride Scenes of mock combat between the two families. Seal of marriage is calling out of clan names by elders. Dancing – less important rituals take place during dancing Sunset the marriage Ox provided by brides father is sacrificed by senior kinsmen. It is sacrificed as a sign of well wishes. ‘ Fall well’ Chief ceremonies of MarriageMut : Chief ceremonies of MarriageMut Makes union a legal binding for western nuer. Groom can be called Husband Can punish wife for adultery. All cattle exchanged is the wives families form this point even if bond is broken. A contract not just between two people but between there famllies. Chief ceremonies of Marriageconsummation : Chief ceremonies of Marriageconsummation Takes place in male village. Goes to ask permission to take daughter away. Is a public occasion.- to a point one hopes Tethering is placed across one of the huts theseholds, bridegroom bride and other parties from both sides cawl under it – make marriage fruitful. Bride retires wearing goat skin hat, male joins her. Banter between male friends. Loosening of griddle friends leave. Chief ceremonies of Marriageconsummation 2 : Chief ceremonies of Marriageconsummation 2 The male makes sexual advances, seizing of the thigh. The bride refuses his advances. The husband stakes her with a cord. custom dictates she must pretend to refuse even though she will have known her husband before. His duty done the bride groom leaves the hut to abuse from brides friends. Next day three rights take place which must not be omitted. Chief ceremonies of Marriageconsummation 3 : Chief ceremonies of Marriageconsummation 3 The sacrfice- should be an Ox rubs ox with ashes and extends good wishes to bride. Ox speared. Most then goes to brides family. Lustration – washing of the hands with bracelets. Vesting maidens wash hands let bracelets drop in to water, bride and groom fishes them out and wears them. All close kinfolk repeat the ritual. Shaving of the head, Brides head. Member of husbands family, after departure of her companions. Stripped of anything from her family she is his now. New hair new life. Not Allowed : Not Allowed The Nuer do allow marriages to take place between the following people. Clans Folk Close cognates – people who can be traced to either father or mothers side. Close natural kin folk Kin folk by adoption Ghost marriages : Ghost marriages The nuer accept re marriage after the death of a husband. Ghost marriage is the term used to describe these marriages because any children of subsequent marriages are still known to be the children of the deceased. Mainly in heritance rights. They share the deceased clan name ect. A women could have several ghost marriages in her life time ( if she is unlucky) and it would stil remain the case that all the children were those of first husband. conculsion : conculsion Nuer marriage is a complex set of rituals but pheraps the central points to stress are that for the Nuer marriage is nor complete until. A home is owned A child is born Hope that wasn’t too bad. THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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