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Published on June 24, 2007

Author: VolteMort


Slide1:  IMS Learning Design in 2007 Dai Griffiths CETIS, The University of Bolton JISC-CETIS Educational Content SIG and Pedagogy Forum Liverpool Hope University, 26th April 2007 IMS Learning Design in 2007:  IMS Learning Design in 2007 Some reflections on challenges facing IMS LD today Some current work going on at the moment with IMS LD IMS LD and TENCompetence There are some issues around IMS specifications in general:  There are some issues around IMS specifications in general Content Packaging as a strategy is anomalous in a world of social software and mash ups XML and self contained zip files is starting to look old fashioned There are solutions, but there is an overhead Ideas are bubbling up from below, and top down solutions are being challenged There are issues of the purpose of IMS LD:  There are issues of the purpose of IMS LD There were two purposes of IMS LD as originally formulated: Modelling language: use of the specification to model pedagogic processes Interoperability: transmission of data between applications Focusing on modelling is fascinating, but are we reluctant to believe IMS LD can be just a file format? Plus…:  Plus… LD is identified with structures developed around the specification : Modelling and eLearning methodology: the methodology which is used to create and use Units of Learning (UOLs) Infrastructure: the applications which have been developed to work with IMS LD People are still confused about what it is and what it can do Two big challenges for IMS LD:a) Disaggregation of VLEs:  Two big challenges for IMS LD: a) Disaggregation of VLEs Stitching together services like mail, chat, blog, wiki etc is no longer hard, so VLEs are tending to be disaggregated But IMS LD assumes VLEs, with cohorts, design time and runtime distinction… Its role and use in a system which is built around the learner rather than the institution is an open question (PLE, TENCompetence) Slide7:  Farmer andamp; Tilton, June 2006, IMandamp;M Technical Briefs for OSS Watch (JISC funded) Two big challenges for IMS LD: b) institutional change:  Two big challenges for IMS LD: b) institutional change Education, especially higher education, is a moving target: expansion, new institutional structures and policies, Communities of Practice and Corporate Universities, all of which meet in Life Long Learning Is IMS LD equipped to meet the needs of this environment? TENCompetence is focused on LLL, and is looking at this. More on this later… The role of IMS LD:  The role of IMS LD interoperable flexible large scale distance education on VLEs (Moodle to Blackboard) but less VLEs than expected, so less need to interoperate… Can be used as a file format for lesson plans andamp; learning activities, not structure of application We are moving Reload in this direction It models formal educational structures the limits beyond formal education have not been explored, although Dialog+ was encouraging Needs to work within wider contexts. What are they? So there are challenges… and interesting work addressing them:  So there are challenges… and interesting work addressing them Liverpool Hope projects which you have heard about OpenDock ( repository) Leonardo, IMS LD aware lightweight repository with API DesignShare Linking Reload and LD4P etc… Individual institutions and researchers:  Individual institutions and researchers Instutional research, for example Wollongong Centre for Interactive Learning Environments (project with OUNL) Complutense University of Madrid andlt;e-LDandgt; Waterloo LearningMapR Individual research, for example CoSMoS NetUniversité Open Source foundations:  Open Source foundations .LRN provides support for IMS LD, levels A, B andamp; C. LAMS V2 has IMS LD level A export Moodle roadmap: mid 2007 'Support for importing/exporting LD, converting Moodle activities and sequences of activities into a standard format for sharing, and importing standard sequences into Moodle courses' European professional learning projects with IMS LD strands:  European professional learning projects with IMS LD strands APOSDLE: 'develops a software platform and tools to support you to learn … within the context of your immediate work and within your current work environment' Prolix: 'align learning with business processes…' European eLearning projects using IMS LD:  European eLearning projects using IMS LD iClass eLegi LICEF – Télé-université work in LORNET network:  LICEF – Télé-université work in LORNET network The IDLD portal ( contained around 50 LDs in January tools, guides and IMS LD information A new graphic function editor in alpha part of TELOS (integrated product of LORNET system) extends of MOT+ to IMS LD level B and C imports XML files as graphics, executed in a player Graphic objects have properties sheets with links to an ontology. A new release is expected before the summer of 2007 TENCompetence:  TENCompetence Life Long Competence development 4-year EU-funded Integrated IST-TEL project Infrastructure for planning and carrying out Life Long Competence Development Open Source Standards and interoperability specifications Service oriented TENCompetence and IMS LD:  works with IMS LD in the context of three areas which are key to the future of the specification Life Long Learning (the wider context for formal education) Service based architecture (generational change in technology) Personal Learning Environment (disaggregation of VLEs) TENCompetence and IMS LD Getting personal…:  Getting personal… Not top down tools for education and training bodies Any individual, group, organisation can develop competence definitions, profiles, competence development Multiple learning providers provide life long services and content, but the user formats, edits and manages them as it suits them Developing a Personal Competence Manager:  Integrates whole range of users competence development activities Provides and coordinate services Coordinates people in competence development roles, resources, activities in competence development plans and activities Design time and runtime become blurred These are (simple) learning designs, and will be exported to IMS LD Developing a Personal Competence Manager Slide20:  Sometimes you need more… :  When there is a need for more complex competence development plans, TENCompetence uses full IMS LD and CopperCore There is a workpackage focusing specifically on Learning Activities, where IMS LD is central. Sometimes you need more… Tools for teachers which hide the LD :  It is hard to identify or agree on pedagogic chunks and helpers Depends on learners’ objectives, teacher preference, pedagogy, institutional context A moving target: teacher’s skills and needs are changing, as they get more experience of (limited) VLEs Planned collaboration with Liverpool Hope Will produce a number of prototypes and use them with practitioners First outcomes should be within six months Tools for teachers which hide the LD Slide23:  Work in progress! IMS LD runtime:  SCORM player integrated with IMS LD Working on chat and a number of other services for the near future Assessment using QTI and IMS LD for a wider range of purposes than QTI alone IMS LD runtime Watch out for…:  'Antelope' V.1 release of Personal Competence Manager before the summer Prototype IMS LD based author in the autumn New IMS LD runtime services in 2007 Integration of repository with Reload TENCompetence open workshop with LD theme in Barcelona 21st - 22nd June Call for papers etc. Watch out for…

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