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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Mahugani


WLCG-EGEE-OSG Interoperability and User Support:  WLCG-EGEE-OSG Interoperability and User Support Torsten Antoni (EGEE) Rob Quick (OSG) Agenda:  Agenda Goals Why interoperate? Communication Formal communication via ticketing Publication and notification Conclusion Goals of Interoperability:  Goals of Interoperability Seamless operations for users that cross administrative boundaries User who want to cross grid boundaries need to know the environments will be similar Applications must function properly without major changes Site Functional Tests (SFTs) for site status available in all directions Cross grid publication and notification Successful Interoperations = Operations Provide 'The GRID' to users is vital for pervasiveness and sustainability Road to Interoperability(The WLCG-OSG-EGEE Story) :  Road to Interoperability (The WLCG-OSG-EGEE Story) Why is interoperability important? To Virtual Organisations? More resources To users? Simpler access to the resources To EGEE and OSG Operations groups? Test operations procedures outside of native environment To middleware developers? Communication:  Communication Joint Meeting (~every 6 months) Weekly WLCG Operations Meetings Individual Communications Software groups Monitoring groups Operations teams The 'Ops VO' SFTs More Communication:  More Communication Ticketing OSG Footprints Global Grid User Support Each OSG VO and EGEE ROCs system All these helpdesks/ticketing systems are connected and are used for user support and for operations to formally communicate inside and across the infrastructures More Communication:  More Communication Publication and Notification:  Publication and Notification BDII SAMs VORS, FOC Critical Updates Security Notifications Standard patches and updates Conclusions:  Conclusions The process has begun Communications are flowing Operations problems are getting solved Both EGEE and OSG are committed to interoperability Interoperations with other grids will be addressed Successful Interoperations = Operations

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