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Information about Grid Based Layout

Published on November 20, 2008

Author: gordonbrander



A quick overview of design before and after the modernist movement, some examples of why grids are good and an intro to so you can get started on grids your own self.

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Grid-based design Gordon Brander Crowd Favorite [email_address] .com

Name Gordon Brander http:// Grids? Heck yes.

A brief history of grids

Alphonse Maria Mucha

Alphonse Maria Mucha

Aubrey Beardsley

Ornamentation Nature Subjective Experience The sublime Design of the 19 th Century

Josef Muller Brockman

Josef Muller Brockman

Otl Aicher

Efficiency Rationality Objectivity Aesthetics of the Machine Design of the 20 th Century Standardization

Why grids? Grids create visual harmony

Structured page, no grid



Why grids? Grids provide coherence to complexity

Why grids? Grids allow you to do more with less Getting started with grids

PSDs! (Fireworks and OmniGraffle too) Sketch sheets!

Easy CSS classname based grid Questions? Thanks!

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