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Published on November 21, 2008

Author: dpereira


Innovation Foundations A keynote by the Author of Jack’s Notebook Finnovation 2008 November 20th, 2008 Buy this book Now Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Disclaimer • I’m not going to be politically correct • I apologize in advance if I offend any person or organization, there is no malice intended • This is my truth, and, there is more than one right answer Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Innovation • If it were easy everybody would do it • Innovation is holistic, we must “be” it, not “do” it • Best viewed as a complex challenge • Best process would be designed for complex problem solving Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

One Big Difference Between Motorola and Apple. Visionary Leadership. There is no substitute Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Under Past Leadership Apple looked like Motorola does now Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Once Upon a Time Now a visionary company without a visionary leader Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

RAZR Success Not Sustained Incidental innovation is an indication that something is right -- and something is wrong. Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Coping With Complexity • The “Four P’s” • Working a deliberate innovation process continuously • A Holistic Approach Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

The Four “P’s” Mel Rhodes, 1957 Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

People • Talent matters – Who is Jonathan Ive? • Diversity matters – Who is Michael Kirton? – Includes Consumers & Outside Experts • Training matters – What is CPS? • Practice matters – What is “IO?” Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Jonathan Ive is. . . A designer who makes a big difference Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Michael Kirton theorist of creativity • Adaptors think better • Innovators think different • You need both styles on Innovation teams • Myth: out-of-the- Created a measure of box thinking is all creative style, the you need KAI (Kirton Adaptor- Innovator Inventory) Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Suggestion • Assess your teams using measures like the KAI or the FourSight Online Measure • This will tell you if you have the right balance of: – Clarifiers – Ideators – Developers – Implementors Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

CPS is. . . The Osborn-Parnes Model of Creative Problem Solving Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

IO is. . . • Improv Olympics – Based in Chicago – Founder: Del Close • Three year journey to trusting my own spontaneous thought Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Product • Must be novel • Must be useful • Design – A key to perception of value • Work with consumers all the time to dialog regarding product ideas Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Press (Environment) • Leadership sets tone • Innovation should be part of all you do, not just products • If it’s not fun -- you’re not doing it right • Impacts the three other P’s Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Process • Innovation is informal • Innovation is “hosed” or augmented by other processes – Six Sigma! – Old Financial models – Toyota “kaizen” • CPS is designed for complexity • Idea Management is appropriate as the glue -- – gathering, recording, sorting, evaluating, preserving Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Idea Management Or Idea Pipeline Management • IPM Systems: – Save money – Make process continuous – Invite broader participation – Make efforts measurable – Work well with structured problem solving process Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley • Enabled Cisco to implement I-Prize competition • Experian grows revenue from 500M to 1B • Value of IPM is not just idea tracking -- it’s project mgmt. and financial tracking Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Overview of CPS The Osborn-Parnes model Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Overview of CPS The Osborn-Parnes model • Without structure problem solving tends to “spin” • CPS provides a structure to be spontaneous within • Serves well as a communication tool/common language Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Mel Rhodes, 1957 Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Summation • Somebody needs to be in charge of Innovation and needs to tend to all 4 “p’s” • It needs to be a continuous, deliberate, holistic effort – Informal efforts beget inconsistency • If you need process help, by all means get it! Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Deliberate Innovation Process Fly Through Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Step One: Objectives • You’ve got to have a dream • It’s not all about money • A business without soul dies • Innovation needs to be integral with all organizational goals Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Step Two: Facts • There is no substitute for knowing your market, consumers, customers inside out • And, you must be able to think for them, ahead of them, with them for breakthrough’s • Take facts and ask what they mean for the future… • Insights are more meaningful when projected into scenarios Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Step Three: Challenges • Framing the consumer need in fresh ways is a path to innovation • Researchers need to challenge assumptions to do more meaningful work Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Step Four: Ideation • Is not an event • It’s a way of living, breathing, thinking, being • EVERYONE inside, and many people outside, should be involved • And why not virtual? Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Open Innovation Means Open Ideation • P&G has been transformed by innovation glasnost • Cisco is doing open ideation, annually $250,000 prize, I- Prize • Adobe “Champion Showcase” • Ideation sessions are almost always better when outsiders participate Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Step Five: Solutions • Gets back to research • Refine ideas with consumers, iteratively, continuously • Requires its own round of ideation/problem solving • It’s about a complete solution Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Step Six: Action • Time waits for no man (or woman) • Failure is a good thing • Excitement internally first • Internal Operations/Logistics of product deployment is an opportunity area for researchers Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

The Bottom Line • Innovation springs from creativity • Creativity happens with talented people who are empowered • Leaders do the empowering • Diversity of thinking and market knowledge are pre-requisites • Structured process and idea management are essential • Passion and motivation can overcome a lot of other challenges Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

Innovation Foundations A keynote by the Author of Jack’s Notebook Finnovation 2008 November 20th, 2008 Buy this book Now Copyright 2008 Gregg Fraley

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