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Published on February 19, 2009

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Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect

Learning Objectives You will be able to: *tell what the greenhouse effect is *what greenhouse gases are and their effects on the environment *what global warming is *how do humans affect the climate *what can we do to help reduce global warming

Directions •  You will be doing an internet activity and then you will be compiling your internet information to design a poster •  Follow all of the information on the slides •  You will need to make sure you keep yourself organized with the information you are going to gather •  Use the word document provided to write your information on

Here we go… •  Click on the site below and watch the movie, you will need to scroll down a bit to find the movie. •  It is called iMatter: Story of Global Warming • •  There are a series of slides that come across during the movie. Choose 3 of the words and pictures, and write a reflection on the relationship between the environment and the picture. •  For example: there is a picture of a gas tank and the saying is iProfit. Which could represent a few things, the price of gas is going to continue to increase as time goes on, the price of having emissions from cars is going to be pricier to everyone as time goes on in the environment.

Questions •  Give a detailed explanation of what the Greenhouse Effect is. •  Find a picture of the Greenhouse Effect and give an explanation of the picture. •

What on EARTH affects Climate? •  Go to the following website and put your mouse on each of the pictures and click. Then go to your word document and summarize the information from the description of the picture. Keep in mind what does the picture have to do with climate and the greenhouse effect. •

Greenhouse Gases •  Use the websites provided to fill in the gases chart located on the word document. •  What types of gases are in the atmosphere and what are their effects on the earth? •  Use the next slide for the websites. •  If you don’t find what you are looking for you can go and search for something yourself however many other sites are pretty complex. You can also use the picture grid you used earlier to answer the questions. • •

Greenhouse Gases Click on the link provided below. (first one) V:Templar Science85176999_d48dae9d10_orig.avi When the movie opens a box will come up and you will need to click ok! Turn the sound down on your computer. You are going to start with this video about Global Warming. Make sure you have your gases chart out because there is information from the movie to use to fill in the chart. •  This site will also help with the chart you need to have filled out about Greenhouse Gases you may also want to google Greenhouse gases if you don’t get enough information from the ones provided.

Are climates changing? •  Go to •  Answer the following questions on your word document: –  How do scientist predict what the future of the climate will be like? –  Name four things we currently know about the climate –  Give four predictions of our climate for the future and give a brief explanation on the effects of each one.

What effect does Global Warming have on humans? •  Use the site provided below to make a list of at least 5 different ways humans will be affected by global warming. Also, give a brief description of each. • 2008/04/human_side.html

What can individuals do to help reduce global warming? •  You need to come up with a list of ten different ways we can help reduce global warming and give a brief explanation of the strategy. •  Feel free to go back to any of the sites listed within the power point or follow the ones below or search for your own! • • •

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