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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: nuform



® ® Get to Know Us Again ® ® NEW NAMES. SAME GREAT PRODUCTS.

® Our Commitment to Our Environment

LEED ® NC Points CONFORM® formwork can contribute to the these LEED® Credits

® ®

® What is CONFORM? Patented Concrete Forming Technology Components interconnect together to create a finished concrete wall CONFORM is cost competitive with quality CMU construction

Concrete Service Channel Insulation Polymer Shell Reinforcing Bar CF8i (200mm-8” Wall-Insulated)

® Wall Types CF4 100 mm 4” wall CF6 CF8 150 mm 6” wall 200 mm 8” wall CF8i 200 mm 8” insulated wall

® CONFORM is the ONLY solution that is: Corrosion Resistant Durable Easy to Clean Requires Minimal Maintenance Constructs Quickly

Constructs Quickly Every Building is custom made in our factory All components are pre-cut and labeled for easy on site assembly Less skilled labor required on site Cleaner overall work site

Types of Concrete Wall Panels Solid Concrete Wall Panels =  Question:  Did you know that 7” of load- bearing structural concrete has approximately the same R-Value as a single panel of glass…R-1.4 !  Insulation IS Important !

Types of Concrete Wall Panels Insulating Options? Insulation Position is critical: Interior: Insulation separates you from the mass effect Exterior: Outside of the bulk mass of the wall system. CF8i 200 mm 8” insulated wall

Effective R-Value Thermal Efficiency in a Wall Panel The ability of concrete to store energy and dampen the effect of temperature change on heating and cooling systems is know as the “Thermal Mass Effect.” Due to the mass effect of insulated precast walls, the performance R-value of the high performance wall system can be two to three times greater than that of the material R-value, resulting in energy cost savings up to or exceeding 50%. High Mass Building Conventional Insulated Building

ASHRAE 90.1-1989 Building Envelope Performance Study ASHRAE 90.1-1989 Performance Analysis APPROVED Calculations will show how what R-Value a Integrally Insulated High Mass Wall Panel will perform at. e --11 RValue of R1 terialR--Valu of R!! 1 Ma Material as R-25 performsas R-25!! rms perfo

Composite Sandwich Wall Panels Thermally Inefficient Connection Devices Thermographic image showing thermal bridging.

Conform Energy Efficient Wall Panels ® Thermally Efficient Thermo graphic image shows thermal efficiency: Edge to Edge Insulation

Insulated Concrete Sandwich Walls Moisture Management The problems associated with moisture and its affects on building components are well known, and costly to repair. Most Insurers have stopped coverage for these incidents leaving owners no other avenue for compensation but the court system. Bottom Line: No Moisture Means No Mold or Mildew

Insulated Concrete Sandwich Walls Moisture Management In general, molds demand a favorable combination of the following conditions to germinate, sporulate, and grow:  Fungal spores settling on the surface  Oxygen availability  Optimal temperatures between 40-70 degrees F  Nutrient availability (wood, paper, cellulose based materials)  Moisture (liquid or relative humidity above 70%) The first four conditions are met in almost every building. The key remaining factor is moisture, which may be controlled by adhering to sound construction practices discussed in this presentation. Bottom Line: No Moisture Means No Mold or Mildew

Insulated Concrete Sandwich Walls Moisture Vapor Drive Warm Outside Cold Inside In a Hot/Mixed Climate: Diffusion from the exterior side of the wall is also common. In spring, summer, and fall, wind driven rain can be absorbed in the exterior concrete and stored. Outside-In Vapor Drive Insulation is critical in preventing this moisture vapor drive:  Concrete can’t  Exterior Paints can’t After the rain, as the sun heats up the concrete wythe, the moisture turns to vapor and is driven through the wall Moisture will always diffuse, especially if the perm rating is greater than 1.0

Moisture Vapor Drive Insulation will enhance the efficiency of the entire wall system. Cold Inside Air PVC Encompassed Insulation and Concrete form Outside-In Vapor Drive Exfiltration

Insulated Concrete Sandwich Walls Moisture Vapor Drive  What Is Vapor Diffusion?  The Process by which water vapor migrates through a wall system and it’s components such as gypsum, concrete, insulation and paint.  Each components of the wall system has a perm rating  The International Building Code says that a material with a perm rating of 1.0 or less is a vapor retarder.  Examples of the average perm rating for different wall components…  Gypsum 12 - 50 perms  Plastic Sheet Barriers (2-10 mil) .16 – .03 perms  Rigid Insulation 5.8 – .03 perms  Concrete 3.2 perms  PVC 0 perms

Energy Efficiency  36% of ALL energy consumed in the U.S. is consumed by buildings  Natural gas prices are expected to increase from 30% to 70% compared to one year ago  “Energy efficient building shell is one that integrates and optimizes insulation levels, glazing, shading, thermal mass, air leakage control, and light-colored exterior surfaces” (Sustainable Building Industry Council - High Performance School Buildings 2005 Second Edition)

Effective R-Value Thermal Loss Through Wall Panel  ASHRAE 90.1 recognizes thermal short circuits and applies a correction factor to account for the higher heat loss through highly conductive steel studs.  Effective R-value = R-value x Correction Factor

Effective R-Value What R-Value are you Purchasing? Let’s look at the assembly of the Steel Stud / Brick Wall: 6” 20 GA S.S. @ 24” o.c., R-19 Batt + ½” Gyp. Component Int air film Gypsum Vapor retarder R19 batt Gypsum Air space Brick Ext.air film Wall Effective R-Value: R-value 0.68 0.45 0.01 8.60 0.45 0.60 0.80 0.17 11.76 INTERIOR AIR FILM GYPSUM BOARD STEEL STUD R-19 BATT INSULATION EXTERIOR GYPSUM AIR SPACE MASONRY EXTERIOR AIR FILM The ASHRAE “PARALLEL PATH METHOD” was used to calculate the effective thermal performance for the metal frame wall construction. The correction factors from ASHRAE Standard 90.1, 1989 User’s Manual were used to assign reduced thermal resistance values for the insulated stud cavity.

® 1- Wall Erection

® 2- Wall Bracing

® 3- Concrete Pour

® Toyota Auto Dealership ®

® Toyota Auto Dealership ®

® Toyota Auto Dealership ®

® Toyota Auto Dealership ®

® Lexus Auto Dealership ®

® Lexus Auto Dealership ®

® Garage / Storage ®

® Condominium ®

® Sports Complex Built - 1999

® Ocean Point Villas-Grand Cayman Islands Survives Hurricane Michelle (2001) with Sustained Wind Speeds of 143 mph

® Mid-Rise Residential-Cayman Islands

® Mid-Rise Residential-Turks & Caicos

® St. Peters School-St. Peters Saint Maarten-Built 1998

® Airport Control Tower Saint Maarten-Built 2003


® Airport Control Tower Curacao-Built 2001

® Ocean View Terrace Custom Residence Built 2007

® Custom Residence Built 2001

Our Global Clientele

® For additional information visit our website or contact us toll free 1.877.747.WALL(9255) NUFORM, CONFORM, RELINE, RENU and the N logo are Registered trademarks of Nuform Building Technologies Inc.

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