Green one- The first 5 Star Rated SVAGRIHA Project

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Information about Green one- The first 5 Star Rated SVAGRIHA Project

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: nilanjanbhowal1



Design Consortium, gives you an insight to Green one; India's First 5 star rated residential building by SVAGRIHA

Nilanjan Bhowal Design Consortium

•Site Area - 2842 sq.ft. •Building Footprint - 2222 sq.ft •Total Built-Up Area -10,956.96 sq.ft.

As defined by SVAGRIHA

CRITERIA 1: Reduce UHIE (Urban heat island effect) and maintain native vegetation on site Application: Reducing hard paving and using grass pavers instead. Trees and planters were Terrace was a carpet of green to provided to increase shade. reduce heat gain Water bodies to help control the heat.

CRITERIA 2: Adopt passive architectural design strategies. Terrace Garden Application: Passive architectural design measures: • The project has green roofs in the form of terrace gardens. • The project has water bodies which will lead to positive effect on the spaces surrounding them during peak summer months. Basement overlooking the courtyard Clay pots in the ceiling Active low-energy cooling/heating systems: • Fans have been installed in the residence for better air circulation and cooling in the building. •Basement courtyard, for cooling •Clay pots installed in the roof for insulation Water bodies

CRITERIA 3: Good window designs to reduce direct heat gain and glare, while maximizing daylight Application: • Fenestration design to reduce heat gainDeeply recessed balconies and by using glass of low SHGC(Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) values. • Reduction - 62.27% which exceeds the maximum performance criteria. • Day-lit area- 54.72% of total living area falls under day-lit zone as calculated by ECBC method.

CRITERIA 4: Design of efficient artificial lighting systems. Incandescent Vs. LED Application: • Recommended LPD, by using Compact Fluorescent Lamps and LED lamps. • LPD Achieved - 3.81 (W/sqm) • Specified LPD - 7.5 W/sqm CFL Vs. LED

CRITERIA 5: Design of building envelope to reduce overall heat gain. Double Glazed Windows Application: • ACC blocks for external walls • Fly Ash bricks for internal walls • Double glazed windows ACC Blocks For External Walls Fly Ash Bricks For Internal Walls

CRITERIA 6: Use of energy efficient appliances. Application: The intent of criterion is to promote the adoption of energy efficient appliances. All air-conditioners and fans are BEE 5 star rated.

CRITERIA 7: Use of renewable energy on site. Working of solar power generation system Application: • Use of renewable energy on site- installed a 3 kWp solar photovoltaic system on the roof. • This is a grid interactive system. Solar water heating systems have been installed instead of geysers

CRITERIA 8: Reduction in building and landscape water demand Application: • Low flow fixtures • native flora have been used to reduce the building and landscape water demand Canna Champa Low flow fixtures Reed Song of India Colocasia

CRITERIA 9: Rain water harvesting Fresh water Storage tank Waste water collection tank Rain water recharge pit Rain water recharging: Extra rain water diverted to ground Application: • Phytorid bed Project can capture 4718.12 litres of rainwater, over a period of two days. This is more than 75% of the two day building water demand – which is 3360 litres. • Rainwater recharge pit has been created on site, along with filtration systems, to recharge the ground water table.

CRITERIA 10: Generate resource from waste Installed Compost units Application Rotational cycle of the units: Generating manure from organic waste through installation of DailyDump composter.

CRITERIA 11: Reduce embodied energy of building Application: Old door frames were installed to avoid cutting trees Re-used steel reinforcements CRITERIA 12: Use of low energy materials in interior Application: •Low VOC paints used. •Vermiculite used for roof insulation Old bricks in non-crucial areas

CRITERIA 13: Adoption of green lifestyle Application: All the daily requirements such as ATM, Grocery shops, Park, Pharmacy, Bank, etc. are within 5 minutes walk from the residence. A separate home theatre room to spread awareness about green buildings is also a part of the project. CRITERIA 14: Innovation Application: •Waste water is recycled and reused through a root zone treatment facility on the roof. •Intelligent Building Management System is being installed in the project. Electronic lightning controls, plus motion-sensors used for some lights.

Flight Of Freedom Pahalgam With an orientation best suited to catch the day long sun, the design gains passive heat and decreases heating loads. •Massive wall for heat storage with double glazed windows are provided. •Used of locally available materials.

Flight Of Freedom •High level open-able windows for ventilation. •Ventilation blinds to reduce solar ventilation and cooling of room •Warm air getting into building. •Massive wall for heat storage with double glazed windows. •Photovoltaic shutters, open-able automatically or manually are used. They work as reflectors when open and insulators when closed. •Sashless windows to provide sunlight and protect the room from moisture •The building is the first commercial modern structure to reduce the energy load by 40% approximately in comparison to its counterpart designs over the years. •Folding paper blinds under glazing to reduce summer overheating and glare

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