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Published on January 28, 2014

Author: wendybrawer



Mapping the Future … 

What is a Green Map? It’s a locally made map of natural, cultural, social justiceand green living sites highlighted with Green Map Icons

Who makes Green Maps? 880 local youth and community groups, city agencies, NGOs, universities, schools, tourism and design entities

They are promoted on the maps?each with 4 categories Map Icons What’s grouped into 3 genres, Award-winning Green identify, promote and link 170 types of community assets & challenges A living language, this iconography evolves over time, see

Our movement began with print maps: Each map is made locally and reflects the community’s character and progress toward sustainability Now: 500 unique editions are archived in the NYPL Map Collection 

Green Map System’s Toolkit: Adaptable, engaging award-winning resources for professional, community and youth mapping projects Social Media Guide 2013

Open Green Maps can be interactive maps: reach diverse Many create both printed andcreated with public site suggestions and contributions of images, videos, ratings, usefulness audiences, increase participation, info sharing & and more Download print Green Maps next to the interactive Open Green Map. Public comments, photos and videos, and site suggestions Moderated locally 40 countries - 8 language interface Coming soon, game-changing new mobile Site Collector!

Sharing Open Green Maps: Embed these maps in other websites, Its data is now on our interactive map about renewables including Facebook, and give each its own centerpoint, scale and basemap and ways to save energ Embed interactive widgets or Export data as CSV (spreadsheet) or KML (for Google Earth, etc). Use with GIS, databases, print maps, data visualizations gaining a sense of connectedness to place, young Green Mapmakers contribute to our shared future  ®

Creative Green Maps cultural events, tours, youth contests, performances, videos, site markers and more have been produced

A selection of Green Map System’s awards   Creative Climate Action 2013 NetSquared Invitational 2012 Victor J Papanek Social Design Award 2011 Treehugger Best of Green 2011 US National Sustainability Award: New Communications Tools Living Labs Global 2010 United Nations Global Best Practices 100 INDEX Awards Finalist 2009 Cause / Affect Tele Atlas Maps in Apps The Tech Awards Laureate Spirit of the Land - Salt Lake City Olympics EXPO 2000 Project Award the World We Media Pitch It

Capacity building is critical! The expertise we have attracted and cultivated is remarkable. Collaboration will amplify our impacts! Now we want to redefine the community mapping experience and advance capacity building across the board, starting in NYC – and at the same time – include and impact our global and local network. We’re creating a collaboration space – a Lab – where small groups of expert Green Mapmakers will work together with our relevant local partners and diverse New York residents to address critical climate change, green economy, youth participation, urban agriculture, responsible tourism and more. Alongside improving NYC communities, the Lab will yield powerful models for replication in other cities.

Addressing Urgency with creativity: given our track record, the moveable Green Map Lab has remarkable potential!  Ramping up to co-create, present and share: • handmade, digital and interactive Green Maps, • engaging new mapmaking tools & icons • apps, games, visualizations, products • rich social and eco impacts Inclusive workshops, pop ups, courses, open houses and hackdays for classes, groups, professionals and even tourists This creative community eco-info tech center will build capacity and community resilience with innovative processes, mediums and partnerships. Outcomes will include expanded networks of activism, cross-sector partnerships, rich documentation, adaptable models for other cities, an extended Green Map toolkit and the blueprint for our organization’s future.

We need to protect biodiversity: what can we learn from the mapmakers in southern China at the Mangrove Conservation Network?  !! > !""# ! # " $ # $%&'!() *+,-!./ 0123!%&'()*+(),-./!0123456789:;<= 4441,-((12( ! % " #$% !"#$%&'() HÈÉ>ÊËÌ¿ !ÍÎÏÐ Ñ"#ÒÊÌ¿!ÓÒÔQÕÖ"#×Ì ¿!Ø×Ù"#HÚÛÛÌ¿!ÜÛB" $$ÖÝÞßà%&'(() *+,&#áâ ÞÃãäßà#åæfD#w•ß !" C D !E àa#lãäçèÓéêë'pì'í ÏQîB#”ïð•ŸQà¿-./0)1ñ FGHIJ ¿®f#”òóôõö÷ø‹ßù“ úû-üQßà( # K" LMNOPQRSTU êýþaÿ V# WX"YZ[]PQ^_`a H ! Þ ß à " 2334 !#ï$ãk#ÞßàQ%&w¥'(ý b" cdefghNHiRSTL þ)*¥f# +,- ~.~ Š/ Qïð 0íÏ ä O# UVjRk"lRSmnop 1( 23%&Qßà455‡•õ†*~#678 qP#UD!$rLstj"uv?q" 9Qù: '߉';<rñ¿( °Þßà=•>fê whxyz{L|}% &~j•€U ?ßQ@A BÀC5D-Q# iEFÙGõ'H lfxyL{UQ|•‚5‚5Q" IPQHãJKL'íÏ@A 'ê*MNO 'PQ LNjYZ[QHƒ„i}RSQ ßùìR2SQpr r( v Tõ †UÌ VW H i…mTU#U|sX†g‡ˆ‰L X#BÀYZ®QÞßàá•[|ßUÌ?ß] '' ?@ AB ^Qãä÷ã_àî ( `acH! ßàg•bHcY # dej]fg ã_QŠhŠi( ad#)j]çk*lmï³no ?@ÉÊ Ïpqrst#bOud-vw!Þ ßà#iE;<xFyÞßà 'z{ |}~•€•§³noêëÏ‚Ù ÞßàJ;<ƒ„FÙÞßà#…À X-vmï³noÏpqr{;< xFy†;<ƒ„FÙQ퇈‰ Š‹( aŒ•)j]çk*•!Ž-X !ß•HoX" íÏä1•kQ‘H &' !"#!$ ( Þ à ß íÏŒ1( Þßà…‡’’•H!ßà°“#á•ãämp ì'ã_'íÏ'”•Q–W( —˜tjL™ãämé QQš+( vT›œQx:#4••}žŸQÜ ¡# ¢£¤¥Q¦§#”(¨Q©ª#«¨¬-zLÖ Qgf( L™¦®#H!ÞßàQ鯡°#•[¤1p Q#4±Óö÷ôB²³´µ¶·Q¸>¹•( !$ C Š !‹ Œ•Ž•• v‘’•Ž••“”•}–— ˜™š›"œ•žŸ l¡¢£QŽ •to"¤¥¦štoQ¥§"¨© }5ª«¬-®¯#°Ž••±²Q ³´µ™š›¶•·¸Ž••¹1 PQŽ•º»¼½"€Ž••¾¿® ‡ÀÁ½QÂÃ"ÄÅžŸ Ælj Ž•j# !à~º»mH¼YH ã½¾¿(À)JÁQÀ bÀHoÂ" ‹L™ü ¿Þßàïð•Ÿñ ¿# Á™Ã:mHãa çÄÄ-X…ÅÆjƒ „FÙÞßàQÇ4È 5#

Climate and resiliency: Can we minimize impacts and amplify readiness by evoking the practical responses of the City of Malmo Sweden? Citywide, online, for tourists, for developers, for schools

Greening tourism: The City of Cape Town has made Green Map a centerpiece of the visitor experience – could NYC benefit similarly? Cape Town Green Map is part of World Design Capital 2014

Community-based planning: Curitiba Brazil is refining participatory practices. What would make a New Yorkers pause and contribute? 

Schools and Parks are central to the entrepreneurial Baltimore Green Map. Can the Lab generate new enterprises, too?

Mapa Verde Cuba has activated more than 100 low-income communities. What can their ‘start by mapping problems’ approach teach us?

CSR: Transparency about shortcomings leads to efficiencies and engagement. Can NYC companies take responsibility in this way? More about mapping workplaces Green Map charting Nokia‘s Gold LEED building in Beijing 

New York City’s experts: In the know about our garbage crisis, green buildings and social innovation? We want to involve you!

How can you get involved? Can this Lab and the models it provides cultivate new networks, knowledge and benefits, locally & globally? You are invited to: • come draw maps with local youth • pitch in on app development • co-design a Green Map product • plan a site collecting cycling tour • make a Green Map Icons video • build your capacity at a Lab event • contribute to Lab development • use the outcomes to generate lasting change • use the Lab model in your own community

Think Global, Map Local! Green Map Lab – opening mid-2014 Reach us at follow at @GreenMap 212 674 1631

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