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Published on June 11, 2016

Author: DrRPoonkothai


1. GO Dr.R.Poonkothai Librarian Government Arts College,Trichy-22

2. Introduction A green library may be a library that uses latest and cutting edge technology in designing a library building and providing services to its users in eco friendly environment. Concept “Green Libraries” emerged in the early 1990s

3. Necessity for Green Libraries • Global surface temperature is rising day by day. • To control the pollution and green house gases in environment. • To play a greater role in becoming the planet green. • To work for the betterment of mankind. • To establish a new image of the library in the modern world

4. A green library is designed to minimize negative impact on the natural environment and maximize indoor environmental quality by means of careful site selection, use of natural construction materials and biodegradable products, conservation of resources and responsible waste disposal .

5. •In 1979 Berkley Public Library’s- Tool Lending •The Task Force on the Environment (TFOE) with ALA •Richmond Main Library in Richmond, California- community garden

6. • Fayetteville Public Library (set up in 2004), USA • Scattle Central Library (set up in 2004), USA • Minneapolis Public Library (set up in 2006), USA • Kanazawa, Japan • National Library,Singapore

7. • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system, which was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council • Indian Green building Council (IGBC) provide LEED-India • LEED rate on 100 points and certify the buildings on the following criteria: • 25-40 points as Certified. • 41-50 points as Silver. • 51-60 points as Gold. • 61-80 points as Platinum Guideline for Green Library

8. Five key areas namely • 1) Site location, • 2) Materials, • 3) Water conservation, • 4) Energy efficiency, • 5) Indoor air quality, and a bonus category for innovation and design.

9. Site selection • selection of the site has a large impact on how ecologically friendly the library will be • the library should be located in a densely populated area, near a number of other service related buildings • People should be able to reach the building via public transportation

10. The Villanueva Public Library columbia - which is constructed out of locally- sourced river rocks and sustainably harvested pine. Completed in 2006.Ex- guerillas worked on the project through a rehabilitation and training program, which also helped support the local economy.

11. Vennesla Library -Norway Indoor Environmental Quality Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies

12. Cambridge Public Library -USA Daylight Well-designed day lighting paired with sensor-controlled artificial lighting can reduce energy bills while making library spaces more healthful and delightful.

13. With a grass-covered roof, two layered cellular glass insulation, covered with soft grass for all sorts of recreation, The building consists of five levels, four of which are contained in the conical volume.

14. Green Library Initiatives in India: • 1.Perma Karpo Library, Ladakh in India • 2. National Library of India, Kolkata. • 3. NIT Library, Silchar. • 4. The LEED Gold Anna Centenary Library located in Kotturpuram. • Madras , Calcutta , Delhi, Mumbai University Library Systems.

15. Green Libraries in India The Druk White Lotus School ventilated Trombe Walls, wool insulation, a mud roof, timber paneling and even solar panels on the roof. The materials are locally sourced, and the experience and design solutions are worked out with the people on site to ensure that the knowledge remains in place.

16. The LEED Gold Anna Centenary Library located in Kotturpuram

17. Energy conservation • To maximize energy efficiency libraries are combining passive and active strategies • Active strategies are more technologically advanced solutions • Photovoltaic panels for utilizing renewable energy Water conservation strategies can be used to capture rainwater runoff to be used in irrigation .

18. Role of Librarian • Now we called as eco-librarian to handle the • budgets to support the organizations • Selection is about building up collections on environmental issues (green computing, organic gardening, energy conservation, etc.) • De-selection is weeding of outdated or worn library materials. Green de-selection is about recycling and reusing weeded materials • Publishers today participate in Green Print Initiative by using recycled paper and harvesting fewer trees

19. Cont… Reduce the Environmental impact of ICT • the world’s ICT ecosystem uses about 1,500 TWh of electricity annually, equal to all the electric generation of Japan and Germany combined • sharing resources(cloud computing) • A typical computer running for a day (24 hours) creates 494 kg CO2 ,10MB of data produce 2-1/2 kilos of CO2, • a Google search causes between 1g-10g (gram) CO2 emissions depending on the time involved • Environmental guide and work methods that motivate people to participate • Employee must be supported by an environmental training

20. Some Tips from Librarians Desk • Use of CFL lights instead of tube lights reduce power expense • Use of e-books and journals to save paper and place • Use of eco-friendly paints on the wall to reflect more light • Laptops use less electricity than desktop versions. • Turning off of lights and Fans in the library when not required. • Create sustainability awards as incentive to encourage library services

21. Conclusion • Libraries have a responsibility to not contribute to the destruction of the environment, to educate the people regarding our current situation, and empower them to make a difference. Libraries are discovering that their green building gives them a great opportunity to educate the citizenry.

22. Thank U

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