Green ideas to promote sustainability

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Information about Green ideas to promote sustainability

Published on December 18, 2016

Author: abinrjky



2. Our part was to find out ways to enrich capabilities of students in field of sustainability ways Camps Design competition Case study competition Ap exam training forum Green news page in construction times

3. Revit Design completion –zeme • Means earth in Baltic • The completion will aim at passive design principles • First round – quiz (based on sustainability principle) • Top 10 will qualify to next round • second round – design a passive building in green field area away from town –time span 2 weeks • Top three will be promoted to finals • Finals – passive design possibilities in town center – can be a redevelopment plot

4. Case study competition • Students will be allowed to select any green building of their choice • They have to submit a case study along with a presentation –time 1 month • Best five will be presented during green building week celebration • All casestudies will be circulated through lms to all soc students

5. AP exam training forum In association with sling All students who are interested in AP EXAMS are collaborated and a club should be formed The club will aim in open discussion among students on a periodic basis Kaushal deshai of CPM SEC C Will be in charge for the club and its functioning

6. Green news page in construction times • A page of construction times will focus only on the news regarding sustainability • The matter of fact was raised in last meeting of CT

7. GREEN CAMP • This will be for the real enthusiastic students who live ‘the sustainable way’ • Camp will be conducted during weekends during this academic year • Centres have to be identified • The centres should itself possess green ideologies • Guest lectures , camp activities ,games ,site visit ,camp fire will all be a part

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