Greek Festivities Presentation.

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Published on March 20, 2014

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Greek Festivities Presentation.


The Municipality of Filiates, the local Aquaculture Corporation and Cultural association of Sagiada organize on 6th August every year the "Feast of the bream" on the local beach (about 15 km from Filiates).

Free bream with wine are served to those who attend the festival at a night full of singing and dancing. Each year the event brings together people from all over Thesprotia (the name of our prefecture) and the surrounding areas. Local people really look forward to this religiously-originated feast!

Souli is a municipality in Epirus, which was inhabited by about 12,000 residents. In the 18th and 19th century, the citizens of Souli, who were renowned for their discipline, bravery and resistance rebelled against the Ottoman occupation.

Without food and ammunition the Souliotes (residents of Souli) could not resist any more and with the help of a traitor who helped the Ottomans to enter into the village of Souli, they withdrawed to the fortresses of Kiafa and Kougi, where they fought their last battle on December 7, 1803. They eventually capitulated and Ali Pasha promised to release them to other parts.

The explosion of Kougi On December 12, 1803, the Souliotes left Souli towards the coast of Epirus. A monk named Samuel remained in Kougi and set fire to the powder magazines with a massive explosion that cost him his and some of his partners’ life. In the meantime, the Ottoman army attacked the other Souliotes, neglecting the promises Ali Pasha had made to them.

The battle of Zalongo is remembered today for the sacrifice of the citizens of Souli women who preferred to jump off its cliffs, to their death, rather than fall into the hands of Ali Pasha's soldiers. Survivors were forced to flee once more mostly to Central Greece.

Easter Saturday- Pot throwing custom At 6.00 a.m. at the church of the Virgin Mary the custom of the artificial earthquake represents the earthquake followed Christ’s Resurrection. At 11.00 a.m., the first Resurrection is announced. People say the phrase “Christós Anésti” (Christ is risen) to each other. The response is “Alithós Anésti” (he has truly risen). Bells peal loudly and the bands parade through the streets. People hurl clay pots from windows and balconies which crash noisily on the streets below.

At night, Christians attend the Catholic Mass of the Resurrection in Duomo, or the Orthodox Resurrection Service. Thousands of lit candles are put on balconies, on window sills or are held by people. The Resurrection of Christ is celebrated at 12.00 with drum beats and fireworks.

It dates back to the Venetians who used to throw all their old and useless objects and pots out of their windows (on Jan 1st). This tradition is now carried on by local Corfiot people all over the island What they do is to...throw pots from their balconies or windows!!! The Pot-Throwing custom!!!

Many thanks to… Nasoufis Dimitrios Pikouli Foteini Mantzouki Eleftheria Botos Petros Tzovaras Kostas Stergiou Minas Stergiou Andreas Tsatsis Stavros Stefos Panagiotis Thanou Ioanna Evangelou Katerina Berati Zoe Vaggeli Chara Manos Ioannis Brahimi Minas Levetsios Gerasimos

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